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Hello and a warm welcome  to susies-scraps.com.  At the encouragement of my husband this website was created.  He said, “You are always making something – you should have a blog!“  So here we are nearly a decade later.  At the outset, I would like you to know – I am not selling anything.  I do not have a shopfront.  I do not want you to spend your money, I just love to share my adventure in creativity.  In the interest of community, these projects are available for free but I ask you to respect the Terms and Conditions of this website.

About myself, I live in Australia.  I started working from the age of 12.  I am largely self taught when it comes to sewing and crafting..  Sewing, creating, cooking and health have always been an integral part of my life.  I have spent the best part of my professional life (43 years) as a Cardio-thoracic , Intensive Care and Operating Room Registered Nurse. I am recently  retired.

All throughout  my personal life. I have always been very creative.  I made my own wedding dress at the age of 21.  I have always been interested in sewing, painting, soap-making,  cooking, knitting, crocheting, renovating, repairing, gardening, studying and quilting.  I especially love antique and vintage quilts.

Fabric and food are a constant Inspiration for me.  I am always creating something new and coming up with new ideas for quilts, baskets bags and scrap fabric projects.  Barely a day goes by that I am not cooking up something with seasonal ingredients and creating new recipes and projects.

I love fabric scraps. I can not resist them. Pieces which might otherwise be discarded, are made into items of beauty.

Food and fabrics have endless possibilities.  They can be turned into something  really beautiful.    Whenever possible, I will share my quilt stories and inspirations, recipes, free patterns and tutorials and tips for sewing.

I am very interested in antique and vintage sewing machines. I am no expert but I love to be able to make repairs, get them back to sewing and preserve their beauty.

I will share my experiences, in the hope, it will help you too!

Antique and Vintage sewing machines are a great tool for quilting and piecing as the straight stitch is  exceptional. They really are economical, compared with modern machines!  Did I mention, They look great too!

You can use them for quilting as well.

So join me and make something exciting with my projects.

Welcome to The Art of Living.


Always sharing my inspirations and ideas for seasonal cooking and textile creations.  Hopefully, I can give you some useful ideas too.

If you would like further information on any of these projects, feel free to contact me on social media or leave a comment.

I hope you enjoy my posts!

All the best and welcome!


80 thoughts on “Welcome to susies-scraps.com”

  1. I came to your site through looking for a quilted tulip bag. Success!! I live in Australia and am usually wary of .com sites but once I read your welcome i was in. I am 73 years, old and took up patchwork in February this year. I have been inundated with friends and family bringing scraps of fabric and my backroom is full of bits, I am also trying to learn free motion sewing. Unfortunately, my husband died last year and now I fill my time doing those things I wanted to do and learn when i was younger.

  2. Met you at AQA (Melbourne) and listened to you as our guest speaker. Well done, loved your quilts and your very helpful hints for sewing.
    Now I have found your website, sewing, cooking, gardening, everything I love, thank you.

  3. This is the BEST site! I’m 74 and wish I found it years ago.
    This is what I call old fashion looks made easy. This is what
    Quilting is losing.

  4. Hello Susie – I ran across your blog by chance and was intrigued by all the scrap quilts. I am 86 years old, have made quilts for about 40 years, so have many UFO’s and scraps galore which I have been trying to use up instead of starting new projects. I have made some scrap quilts and am always looking for new ideas. You certainly provide many of those. Thank you. Between lack of energy & arthritis pain I can’t sit and sew all day anymore, but hopefully with some new motivation I can accomplish a bit more than I have been recently. I look forward to using lots of scraps with the help of your ideas.

  5. Hi Susie, I found your blog on Pinterest and I adore your style and the fact that you have VSM. I have several Singers myself, 1 in a treadle base a15, and a 99, and 2 221s. I can’t resist fixing them and using them, they’re so adorable and reliable. Thank you for sharing your sewing, quilting and cooking, I’m enjoying reading your blogs.

  6. I stumbled across your blog and was immediately enchanted. So many ideas! Like you, I am mostly self taught in my hobbies, cooking and just about everything else, lol! I’ve had a delightful time perusing your many posts and discovering alternate methods of doing things. I also love vintage machines although I must admit to preferring my machines to be motorized as opposed to leg powered. I’ve a 75 year old Singer and a 75 year old Featherweight…both of which a fabulous workhorses…and an almost 40 year old Bernina and wouldn’t have a computerized machine if it was given to me. Looking forward to following along with you to see what you’re stitching up next!

  7. A chance encounter has led me to your website & I immediately felt at home ..Look forward to popping in from time to time.

  8. I also recently found and saved a machine much like the one in this post. I have the attachment box and needle plate but no knee or foot . I can even test it much like you. Do you think your source has another?

    1. Please check out your local service centre. They may be able to help you. If not, look on line. That will give you a guide to price and availability.

  9. I love your ideas for quilts, cooking and other projects. I wouldn’t use a vintage sewing machine if I HAD TO, it creates so much more work. I love my Bernina sewing machines because I can create anything with them and I highly recommend a modern sewing machine. I have also chosen “traditional” ways of being, Nursing, cooking, sewing, and it goes to show it can all be gone about differently with the same happy results.

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