Surgical Scrub Hat – Ladies – Tutorial

Surgical Scrub Hat Ladies Pattern

Surgical Scrub Hats.  I have to say first off, that you do not have to be working in an operating room to enjoy these hats.   Don’t laugh but they are great for gardening, housework and food preparation too!  Not to mention if you know someone having chemotherapy, this kind of hat is pretty.  It is comfortable to wear, aesthetically pleasing and certainly keeps the head warm.  We take for granted how hair keeps the head and ears warm.

I find these Surgical Scrub Hats are terrific for working in the garden and really protect your hair and head.  In the cold weather they are such a bonus for keeping your head warm too.  A good stabilizer for a shade hat if you don that too.  A great stopper for little catchy tree branches and dirt.   You can take it off at the end of the session and not look like you been dragged through a bush backwards – no pun intended.

Also great to wear while cleaning.  Would make a great gift set for a dedicated gardener teamed with a matching apron!

They are really just a take on old-fashioned bonnets, but without the extra frills.

I have made quite a number of these over the years.  There are many differing styles.  They are a fun, quick, pretty and practical project.

This is sooo warm and comfortable to wear with good coverage for long hair too.

This one is easy to make and can be done with a 12″ width of cotton fabric.   I always prewash my fabrics before use.  I highly recommend pre washing to avoid the disappointment  of shrinkage!

Surgical Scrub Hat

Fold your cotton fabric in half. ensuring the selvages are aligned.  Straighten the edges, you may need to trim.  Use a rotary cutter if you have one.


Cut a 2″ strip of fabric from the whole width of fabric.  this will be the tape.  Don’t remove selvages.

Cut a 10″ width of the fabric.  trim off selvage edges.  open the fabric.  Cut one length of 25″.  Fold the remaining piece in half, lengthways to a 12″ piece.  Trim around the top as per the photo, to round the top.  this will be the back panel of the hat.

Turn in the sides of the tape to the centre, fold in half right side facing.  Sew down each side of the tape, back stitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

Working up from the base of the back panel, at the 6″ point make two half inch pleats on each side.   Pin or baste if preferred.


Mark the centre point at the top of the back panel and the centre point of one long side of the 25″ piece.  Match them together.  Pin the hat back to the hat front panel.  Now match the seam around easing in the curve.  A 3/8″ seam allowance included.  Sew front and back together, with your preferred seam style.  I like to use French seams so it’s all beautifully finished.

Turn under the front and back hem 1/4″and sew in place.  Turn front hem over 1″ and sew.


Now find the halfway mark of the tape and match it with the half way point above the centre back inside base.  Stitch in place.  Stops the tape falling out during laundering.

Turn up the bottom seam to make a 1″ casing.  The tape will invert.  Stitch down the casing ensuring that the tape is well clear of the seam.


Tie  a knot in the ends of the tape.

Pull up the tapes and don the hat.  Tie in a bow at the back.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!




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