Pinwheels On Point Blocks – Made Easy

Pinwheels On Point Blocks – Made Easy 

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,   I do not think I ever tire of pinwheels.  Do you?  They are especially nice when the points are clean and  they are quick to make!.  Pinwheels are always so cheery and create movement in a quilt.  I wasn’t really planning on making any at the moment….. however, have just had a lovely email from Michelle.  Her request, was whether it is possible to make a quick pinwheel block, similar to Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square, but not scrappy, as seen in this post.

Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square

I was immediately intrigued myself.  As you know putting blocks on point will require more work when setting the blocks.  Of course it would be nice to set them on point without much effort.,,,,,   So I had a think about it, and this is what I came up with.   However, I must remind you that this is an unconventional block construction because it means that the edges will be on the bias, however if you treat them gently it will work well and come together very quickly.  Also the pinwheel points always come out so nice and crisply.  For that reason, I love it.

For this tutorial, you will need to make two blocks at a time.  Also the pinwheels will each flow in the opposite direction.  Fun!!!

Anyhow, this is how I did it..

All seams based on 1/4”.

Makes two blocks 6 1/2“ x 6 1/2”.

Requirements for two Pinwheels On Point Blocks – Made Easy 

4 of 3″ x 3 ” dark squares

4 of 3″ x 3″ light squares

2 of 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ background squares
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Arrange the eight 3” x 3″ squares into two four patches alternating the dark and light fabric in each block. Sew the four patches together.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Turn over and cut the little connecting thread at the intersection and spin your seams.

Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

lLay a four patch right sides together with the 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2” background square.  Sew a 1/4″ seam around the perimeter.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Take to the cutting board.  Carefully cut once on each diagonal.'
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Remove the excess little triangles from the centre. .
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Open the units. Finger press. Trim off the doggy ears.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy’

Use two units from each of the sets and arrange into two pinwheel blocks.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Sew together like a four patch.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

Tun over and spin the seams at the back to make the blocks nice and flat.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy.

Gently press the blocks.
Pinwheels On Point Block – Made Easy

There we are.  That was fun!  Nice and quick too.  I feel another baby quilt coming on……I hope you enjoy them.

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Happy stitching,


© Susan Stuklis 2021

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