Matilda’s Star Quilt and Pattern

Matilda’s Star Quilt and Pattern

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

My inspiration to make this quilt was two fold, one was the birth of a lovely new baby girl -so I wanted to make her a quilt- and the second was the desire to make a successful lone star block and incorporate it into a baby quilt.
Matilda‘s Star Quilt and Pattern Christmas Lap Quilt

Pink and green to my eye always look good together and what a great combo for a girl.  These colours are eye catching and vibrant,  which I think is nice for a baby quilt.  The design is fresh, yet traditional and hopefully will be loved as much in adult life as well as in babyhood.  I’m sure I have mentioned previously, I like to make baby quilt designs which will transcend time, like the antique quilts of yesteryear, rather than a quilt based on novelty prints.

This also means one can use fabrics which are already available in ones stash, rather than going out shopping for more!

It will also make a lovely Christmas lap quilt because the colours are so suitable and festive.

Recipe for Matilda’s Star Quilt


All fabrics have been pre washed and pressed prior to commencement. All seam allowances based on one quarter inch.  Please read all instructions before commencing.

Nine focus fabrics are required.

2 each of 2 1/2″ width of fabric (WOF)  strips of each of the following nine prints;

Hot pink tone on tone
Medium pink
Hot pink check
Pale pink
Bright dark green checked
Bright mid green tone on tone
Black background with hot pink flowers
White background with red print
White background with tan print

2 1/4 metres background fabric in white with sparse pink flower motives.

From the white background fabric cut;

4 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2″ squares
1 x  10 1/2″ Square.   Cross cut on both the diagonals to make 4 triangles
4 x 2″ WOF strips
8 x 2 1/2″ WOF  strips
1 x 42″ width of fabric for the backing

1 x 42″ square of batting


Begin by making the lone star.
Lay out one set of the nine fabric strips in three sets of three.  Try where possible to have light dark light or dark light dark in your trios. Save the other set of nine strips for the borders.
Matilda‘s Star Quilt and Pattern Christmas Lap Quilt
Sew  the strips together, in three sets of three.  Once they are sewn press.  Cut 8 x diagonal sub sets of the strip sets at a 45 degree angle at a 2 1/2″ intervals.   Sew the sub sets together to make Eight diamonds of the nine fabrics in each diamond.   Sew the diamonds together to make the Lone Star.  Begin each seam from the centre of the star units.  Ensure all seams are nested.  Press gently and carefully so that all seams are rotating in the one direction.
Matilda‘s Star Quilt and Pattern Christmas Lap Quilt
This is the view from the back of the Lone Star block.
Use the the 7 1/2″ background squares to set into the corners of the lone star and the half square triangles to set into the remaining triangular parts of the block.
 Sew these seams from the centre out, rather than from the corners in.  Commence sewing 1/4″ from the edge of the centre point to allow for setting in the angled seams.
Once the block is complete, trim to 23″ square.
Now add the 2″ strips to make the first border.  Press.  The quilt should now measure 26 1/2″.
To make the second and forth borders, sew the remaining 9 of the 2 1/2″ strips / sets together.  Cross cut the strip sets every 2 1/2″ at 90 degrees.
Begin Border Two by adding 13 x 2 1/2″ squares from the strip sets.  Sew 13 squares to two opposite sides of the quilt.  Then add 15 x 2 1/2″  squares to the other two sides.  Press.
For Border Three add one round of the White 2 1/2″ strips.  Press.
Matilda‘s Star Quilt and Pattern Christmas Lap Quilt
For Border Four add 17 squares of the strip sets to two opposite sides of the quilt.  Then add 19 squares of the strip sets to the other two sides.  Press.
Put the quilt backing,  batting and front together.
Prepare the quilt sandwich.
Quilt as desired.  Join the remaining four white strips together end to end and prepare as the binding.
Matilda‘s Star Quilt and Pattern Christmas Lap Quilt

Do you agree that it would be good as a Christmas Lap Quilt?

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All the best,


© Susan Stuklis 2015

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    1. Hi Melinda, all the instructions are included in the post. There is no charge. Please enjoy. Happy New Year.

  1. Thank you Susie, I enjoyed reading your site. A morning spent with you inspired me to get up and go and create. Just what I needed!!

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