Kettle Quiltlet and Tutorial

Kettle Quiltlet and Tutorial

imageI’m going to time how long it takes to make one of these.

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, here is a super quick project for you to make.  It can be adapted to different size squares, should you desire.

Let’s get to it!

Requirements for the Kettle Quiltlet

2 x matching 10″ squares for the back
2 x complimentary 10″ squares for the front
2 x 10″ squares of flannel or batting



Layer up 2 sets of squares backing squares right side down followed by a batting or flannel square then top with the front squares right side up.  Pin well. Choose one square to be the centre.  Sew through all layers once on each diagonal.  With the second square, cut through all layers once on each diagonal


Carefully pin the long side of each triangle to each side of the centre square backing sides together. Attach each triangle using a half inch seam allowance in one continuous seam turning at each corner.  Clip the seams at half inch intervals.


Open out to a square.   Trim the overhanging corners to square.  Sew around the whole perimeter of the quiltlet one half inch from the edge.  Snip all the raw edges at half inch intervals taking care not to cut through the sewing lines.


Use a knife to “rag” the edges, outside if possible. Shake it out to remove excess threads.


Put the quiltlet under your kettle or wherever you plan to use it and have a cup of tea!


This is is a super quick project. It can be made in about 40 minutes including the cutting and ragging. But if you had some 10″ squares already prepared it could be even quicker. This would make a great last minute gift.  Add a jar of home made marmalade or jam. Or make a set of quick placemats!

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All the best,


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