Hand Pieced Spool Blocks with Instructions

Spool Blocks are so cute.

Even in as much as I do enjoy machine piecing, there are times when it is not practical and also there is a sense of joy from making things with ones own hands.

As with these spool blocks.  They will finish at 2 1/2″.  So they can be made with little scraps.

I was inspired to make these when I saw some ladies in the Netherlands who gather together on Saturdays and enjoy each others company, tales and laughter while hand piecing spool blocks.

So in the spirt of that, I created a pattern to make these little hand pieced blocks.  They are a travelling companion.  It means you can sew in the company of others when you are away from home.  The nice thing is I remember who I was spending time with whe I made these blocks.  Nice.  Still remember the company.

So, in the end I whilst may have a beautiful little quilt, it’s also a personal momento of where I have been and who I was with.  I think thats quite special.

Making the Spool Blocks.

To make my pattern you will need to cut 1 1/2 inch squares for the centres.

For the sides of the spools.

From 1 inch strips, cut the outer side to 3 1/2 inches. The inner side will measure 1 1/2 inches. The ends are cut on a 45 degree angle towards the centre, like a half hexagon. You can alternate cutting the pieces one up one down same as cutting triangles from a strip.

Cut 2 light and 2 dark for each spool with two of the sides matching the centre block.

The blocks are hand sewn together with a scant 1/4 inch seam and with respect to Y seams at the joins.

Hand piecing is wonderful as a portable project.  It’s nice to have a pretty bag to carry hand piecing projects in.  A small bag which can be carried easily in a handbag, so that one can take advantage of time, when you are not at home.

I designed this Little Charm Bag, for this purpose.

Little Charm Bag and Tutorial


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