Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style

Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style

What if I told you that a Flying Geese Block could be made with two seams, no special rulers to buy, no weird 7/8ths of an inch measurements, no weird cutting, no lines to draw, no challenging placement of squares, no excessive trimming and no waste????  Would you like to see that? 😉😅  Well come on, I will show you a brand new method I have come up with.

Isn’t that just sooooo exciting!!!

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Flying Geese Blocks are just  adorable in quilts.  But they are challenging.  There is so much messing around to arrive at a finished block.  I have pondered on this for years,

A short while ago I shared with you this idea, which I really love, because antique quilts are so inspirational.

Flying Geese Antique Style Quilt Tutorial &  Made Easy

Flying Geese Quilt Antique Style
Flying Geese Antique Style susuies-scraps.cpm

I didn’t think I could do better……

As you probably, know there are quite a few other methods out there.  Bonnie Hunter has a special ruler, so does Eleanor Burns.  Ricky Timms came up with the”One Seam Flying Geese” which is great but there is all that redundant fabric to deal with when quilting.  Even Jenny Doan has used Eleanor Burns Ruler and Ricky Timms idea.  There are traditional methods with oblongs and squares and drawing lines and methods for making four blocks at a time.  They all require a lot of work and frankly I still have not embraced any of them.

I always like to explain how I come up with my ideas.  Well this time, I have been making a new Old antique block made easy, which I am quietly excited to share with you, (I think you will love it). I want to make a few more first.

Old Italian Block Antique Style Made Easy

In my ponderings of making those blocks, it got me thinking about grain lines and seam stabilization.  I have realised while making this, that it is very useful to have a biased edge placed onto a “with the grain line” edge and it gives a great result.  I got to thinking about this more while making these blocks.  Then, I had a thought that maybe. just maybe I could make Flying Geese using this method.  Sew…..I went straight to the sewing room!  After a couple of tries to get the sizes correct I have made a new method!

Think of the possibilities!  And, of course, as always, YES, you can use your scraps.  As you have probably noticed, I like to work with squares, so this is a no brainer for me!

Obsession with Pre Cuts / Make Your Own

Lets make some of the Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Blocks!

These measure 4 1/2“ x 2 1/2“

Please ensure that your cutting is correct.  Seams are based on a scant 1/4”.

Requirements for Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Blocks

You will be able to make 4 blocks with three squares.

1 of 5“ x 5“ square

2 of 4“ x 4“ squares contrasting to the larger square

Flying Geese
Susie‘s NEW Flying Geese Blocks Scrappy Style

Method of Construction for Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Blocks

Take your three squares to the cutting mat.

Use your ruler to cut once across each diagonal.

NEW Flying Geese Quilt Block by Susan Stuklis susie’
Susie‘s NEW Flying Geese Block Scrappy Style

Take one large and two small triangles to your machine.  With right sides together, place the hypotenuse of the small triangle along one short side of the large triangle so that the 45 degree angle of both triangles line up exactly as pictured below.

Flying Geese Blocks
Susie‘s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style

Sew a scant 1/4“ seam, continue with your next triangle, chain piecing.   This will ensure that the small ends of the fabric do not become engaged within the needle plate.

Flip back the small triangle, finger press.  Repeat with the other small triangle on the opposite side.  Flip back and trim doggy ears.

Susie’ NEW Flying Geese
Susie‘s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style

That‘s it!   Simples!

NEW Flying Geese Blocks Susie’
Susie‘s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style

I managed to make 40 in one evening, so I think that is pretty speedy for Flying Geese.  😅

I‘m pretty excited about this. I  really hope you enjoy them too.  Having just published this, I have discovered that Swan Amity studios have also published a similar idea, so you may wish to check out that post too!

All the best,


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Copyright Susan Stuklis 2019

Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks
Susie‘s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style

4 thoughts on “Susie’s NEW Flying Geese Quilt Blocks Scrappy Style”

  1. Thank you for another wonderful post! I was just looking at an old post you made on the monkey wrench block. You really use the cutest fabrics and your explanations take the fear out of quilting!
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this…I’ve got to try this out for sure…I haven’t embraced any of flying geese methods either…just old fashion way only…I’m excited to try this today….you have such great videoes, techies I use and love yr scrappy quilts… I’m a scrappy girl too!!

  3. Thank you for that new version – and thank you for the link to Swan Amity Youtube tutorial. Certainly looks easy with no waste – or virtually none.

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