End of Day Quilters Walking Bag

End of Day Quilters Walking Bag

I really do like to make my own bags. All kinds, handbags, totes, baskets, shopping bags. I’ve been doing this for years now. It’s certainly one way of having a unique bag. Recently I thought that maybe I should buy a leather bag for a change.  Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but I really don’t enjoy using it as much as my own made bags.  It heavy and hard.  my shoulders could feel the difference, even when the bag is near empty.  So……I think I’ll just keep on making them.

I don’t know about you, but, I like to walk. It’s one simple way to keep fitness in your life – every day.  The thing is, one needs a bag.  It’s got to be something light and comfortable. It’s got to be easy to wear and definitely have enough room for keys, phone, money, lipstick of course and maybe a folding shopping bag, for any potential purchases.

The one I’ve been using for walking is well used and it’s time for an update.

So I decided to make an End Of Day Quilter’s Walking Bag.

For more details on how to prepare to make these bags and baskets see my previous tutorials.  You can make this bag for a very small cost!

Scrap Wrap…Get Ready!

End of Day Quilter’s Basket

This is how I did it.

Requirements for one bag

2 skeins of 6mm cotton rope

Quilting waste strings


Prepare the 2 skeins with quilting strings.

Begin by sewing a round flat disk.  Sew 15 rounds.


Leave a gap of approximately 7″.  Keep the rope attached and measure a 48″ length for the strap.  (You can alter the length if you are taller or shorter to suit.).  Leaving the 7″ gap, recommence sewing at the junction of the 7″ and 48″ length as pictured.


Sew three rounds, keeping the disk flat.  Ensure that the rope is not twisting as it arrives under the needle.  Finish off after the three rounds.  This is the bag front

Commencing with the second wrapped skein, begin sewing another disk. Continue for 18 rounds.  Half way through round 18 make a loop using about 6″ of the wrapped rope.  This is the bag back


Now you will have two rounds which look like this.


Put the bag front on top of the bag back. Make sure that the loop is exactly in the centre back.  Use safety pins to pin in place.


Take a double length of thread. Sew the bag front to the bag back.  Start sewing at the edge of the handle and bag opening. Sew to the same place on the opposite side.

To use the loop closure, attach a large button to the front of the bag.  This bag is soft and so comfortable too!


I’ve packed my essentials.  Now I’m off for a walk!

11 thoughts on “End of Day Quilters Walking Bag”

  1. I made this bag and made a small rope circle for a button. Elevated button to accommodate loop with two plastic beads. Need to attach beads to button then sew on purse. Use thimble and jewelry pliers to pull needle through coils. Lindy

  2. I wanted to email a question…
    How much fabric do I need for backing for a king size quilt? I am starting to make the Arkansas Crossroads.

    Thanks, Judi

    1. Hi Judi,
      Sounds wonderful!
      Allowing for a King size with some overhang (14-16“) you will need 3 metres of a wide back or 9 metres of regular quilting cotton. You may need a bit more to pattern match,if you have a large print fabric.

  3. Hey Susie!
    I am your cousin once removed. My name is Melissa and I am your cousin Mike Bucknill’s daughter. I discovered your website when my dad told me about you. I must say you are very good at making quilts and bags and food! I love to make things too! In fact I am always decorating my room. You are very talented!
    From your cousin,
    Melissa Bucknill

    1. Dear Melissa, I’m so thrilled to hear from you! It’s so wonderful that you like to make things too! I was always decorating my room too when I was your age. Maybe you can come visit me and we could make something together?
      Love Susie x

  4. I just love your bag. Can you tell me the kind of rope you use. Is it the clothesline rope? It is hard to see in the photo. I have bought one kind of rope at Fabricland that I suspect is used for sofa cushions etc but it does not have the same sturdiness as the clothesline rope and I have been leary to use it in case it makes the bowls or bags to floppy.
    I enjoy all that your share here and on U Tube. Thanks for all you do.

  5. So cute – must try this technique one day soon. Love all the projects you have made and I love your use of colour – so happy!

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