Bullion Roses Pincushion Pot

  Bullion Roses Pincushion Pot

Spring has been so terribly slow to come this year in Adelaide.  We have had an unseasonably prolonged and wet winter.  I happy to say that today spring has arrived.  I think nature provides so much inspiration.  Because its always lovely to have inspiration!


Some time back I created this tinny pincushion.  I was inspired by another Australian embroiderer, whom, I sorry to say I cannot remember the name….perhaps she will see this post?


This is a tiny pincushion, made in a 2″ terracotta pot.  I really like it.   Its made using simple embroidery stitches.  Bullion Knots and French Knots.

This is a lovely way to use up some of your quilting batting scraps.  Push them as firmly as you can into the small pot.  It should rise above the top of the pot.  Cut a suitable round of calico or muslin which will well cover the pot plus about 1/2″ extra which can be pushed into the sides of the pot to enclose the batting scraps.  Secure the fabric to the inside if the pot with a hot glue gun or some wood glue.  Take care to clean any excess from the terracotta.


Once the glue has dried, start stitching.  I used two pinks, to create the bullion roses and buds, with two strands of thread.  17 roses dotted throughout the centre and 16 buds around the outside.  then use your favorite green to fill in the background with french knots.


Hope you all have a wonderfully inspired day, wherever you are!


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