Hand Towel Scrunchies

Hand Towel Scrunchie

A way to keep hand towels in place.

Hand Towels.  I love to have hand towels around at home and especially when I’m cooking.  Its more hygienic to have a separate towel for hands and separate towels for dishes I think.  There’s always traction on the hand towels and keeping them hung up can be problematic.

The other day my daughter said to me, “Mum, can you make me a Christmas Scrunchie for my hair”.  I said yes of course, to which she excitedly replied “wiiiickked.”  For some reason a light bulb went on and I thought, could a scrunchie be used to hang up a hand towel? I’ve been on this idea for a while and tried other things but they were all a little fiddly and not quite satisfactory.

The answer is yes and so I came up with the idea of a Hand Towel Scrunchie.  They can be as decorative as you like or reflect events or holidays, like this Christmas one.  It works very well.

It is very easy to use.  It can be added to any handle or hook where a towel could be hung.  The Scrunchie keeps the towel in place so it doesn’t fall down.

The towel can easily be removed for washing and a fresh towel inserted.

How to use it.

Put the Scrunchie over or through the handle to be used.  Now there is two loops.  Put one through the other.

Pull the towel through the loop to the half way point of of the towel.


Release the Scrunchie.  The towel is now held in place!

A Scrunchie can be a purchased one.  Or, you can easily sew one yourself.

See easy tutorial  on how to make a Scrunchie.

Scrunchie – Free Tutorial

2 thoughts on “Hand Towel Scrunchies”

  1. Oh, this is a wonderful idea! It will definitely help eliminate our kitchen hand towel from falling off the oven door handle. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this great tip. So simple…..wow.

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