Treadling on Monkey Wrench Blocks + Tutorial

Monkey Wrench Quilt Blocks

Treadling on Monkey Wrench quilt blocks.  When it comes to piecing quilt blocks, I love to use my old 1902 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine.  You can read more about how I got this machine back in working order, in the link below – Treadle Tinkering.

Treadle Tinkering

Treading on Monkey Wrench Quilt Blocks

These are my latest quilt blocks, all constructed on the treadle.  I have mentioned in another post, how relaxing and therapeutic  it is.  The stitching is lovely.  Using it for piecing quilt blocks makes sense to me, especially because I do sew other things too.  I can keep my block sets set out on this machine.  I can make short chains and keep the blocks flowing nicely.  These Money Wrench Quilt blocks are great for scraps and making a scrappy looking quilt.  Each Monkey Wrench Quilt block can be coordinated, but still be different from any other to give the quilt a completely unique look.

If I wish to sew another,project, garment or whatever, I don’t have to worry about moving it to do something else.  As quilting projects can more often than not, can take some significant period of time, this make it more convenient and efficient.  I can achieve more complex stitching, like back stitch, zig zag, zippers and so on, on my regular machine.

The treadle just makes sense.  I don’t have to worry about turning it off.  It doesn’t need to be near a power point, and as most piecing is just straight stitch,  no more is necessary.

As they make lovely furniture pieces, does it matter if it’s on display?   The sound of the treading is delightful. What a beautiful way to enjoy quilt blocks on display too.  Part of the romance of quilting is in the joy of the images they project, so why not have it in real life, not just on paper or on a screen.  One other thing is, I would keep little fingers away!  However the belt can be easily disengaged to stop it working.


Monkey Wrench Block Tutorial.

As I was making a baby boy quilt I chose mainly blue red and gold coloured fabrics.

Block size = 10 1/2″

Monkey Wrench Block pieces


This is a Charm Square 5″ friendly block.  This makes it very easy to just make one block at any time and then add to your stack.

Each block will require 6 Charm Squares of 5″ each plus one 2 1/2″ square for the centre.  An example would be;

Two matching medium to dark squares
Two matching medium to light squares
One dark square
One light square
and one 2 1/2″ square for the centre of the block

To construct this block.

Take the two matching dark squares and lay on top the two matching light squares, right sides together.  Draw a diagonal line across the light square.


Sew a 1/4 inch seam each side of the diagonal line.  Cut apart and repeat for second block.


Each of these blocks should now measure 4 1/2″. If not check seam allowance.  These will be your four corner units.

For the remaining light and dark squares, place right sides together.  Sew a 1/4″ seam along two opposite sides.

Sorry I used yellow thread.  I’ll go darker next time!


Cut into quarters.  These will be the joining pieces and the extra 2 1/2″ square will sit in the centre of the block.



The units need to be gently pressed and the doggy ears trimmed.

Turn your units until you are happy with the dark and light colour placement.

Now sew all the units together just like a nine patch.  For my baby quilt, I made 12 of these units, then proceed to sashing.

See Charmed By Monkeys post on putting the quit together.

Charmed by Monkeys Quilt

These blocks are great fun to make.  The scrappier the better!


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