Solid Bold Pinwheels Quilt Pattern

Solid Bold Pinwheels Quilt Pattern

Isn’t it amazing what can be done with just a few of  the simplest of ingredients?

In this case some solid fabrics and a white background.  It makes for a lovely crisp contrast and instant success.  In fact, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.  If you have a few solids in your fabric collection, this is a fast, fun, fresh and easy quilt to put together.  It can be a baby quilt or a lap quilt.

Incidently, this is a very economical quilt to make, if you are watching your budget. 😊

This quilt is created from 5″ squares, which makes the cutting  and construction very simple.

Finished quilt size approximately 42″ x 36 1/2″

Pinwheel Block  6″  and 5 1/2″ finished.

All seams based on 1/4″

All fabrics have been washed and pressed before commencement.  Based on 100% cotton fabrics.


32 of 5″ x 5″ assorted solid squares, I used;
6 navy
5 light blue
5 taupe/ coffee
5 lemon
5 red
4 hot pink
3 pale pink
1 1/2 metres of white homespun or muslin
5 of 2 1/2″ solid navy width of fabric (WOF) strips for the binding
Backing fabric of your choice (I used white)
From the white homespun, cut
32 of 5″ x 5″ squares
4 of 3 1/2″ WOF strips for the first border
4 of 2″ WOF strips for the third border


Put a solid 5″ x 5″ square with a white 5″ x 5″ background square.

Sew a scant 1/4″ seam around the perimeter.

Cut once on each diagonal.

Open out the blocks.  Trim off dog ears.  Arrange in a pinwheel.  Sew together like a four patch.  NB  These are bias seams so handle with care.  Make sure all the pinwheels spin in the same direction.

Repeat to make 20 blocks.  Sew together in a 4 x 5 configuration.

For the first border, measure through the centre of the quilt from each direction.  Cut the border pieces from the 3 1/2″ WOF strips.  Attach to each side of the quilt.

For the second border, take the remainder 12 solid 5″  x 5″ squares and the 12 white background squares.  Sew around each set of squares as previously, then cut once on each diagonal to reveal the 48 of half square triangle units.  Carefully press open.  Trim off dog ears.  Sew them into 4 lengths of 12 triangles each, ensuring that all the triangles are facing in the same direction and there is an even distribution of colour.  Attach one strip to each of the long sides of the quilt.  Then attach the remainder two strips to the shorter ends of the quilt.

For the Third Border. Measure again through the centre of the quilt.  Use the 2″ width of fabric strips to create the third border, attaching a length to each side.

Quilt as desired.  I just quilted loops in an all over pattern on a domestic machine.

BInd the quilt with the navy binding strips.

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