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Floral Pyramid Doorstop

Floral Pyramid Doorstop

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, Christmas is drawing near and I believe it is always nice to have a new little scrappy project to make, whether it is for yourself or you would like to consider some Christmas gifts. I just love a little three dimensional project and this Floral Pyramid Doorstop is no exception. Fun, easy and fast to do and a rather satisfying and useful household item. I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of doors slamming. And sometimes when the wind picks up, that can happen. I find these Floral Pyramid Doorstops can be useful on either side of a door. One, to keep it open, or two, to prevent the door handle hitting the wall or maybe a furniture item. Three, just because they look and smell nice. Yes indeed – I do mean smell nice, because I like to add some sweet smells to mine. 🌸

I have some at home which I made many many years ago, and they still look great. They have been in use for a long time and I’m impressed with how they have lasted and I see no reason why they will not continue to be good in the future.

For those of you who have previously made my Japanese Knot Bag – A New Pattern you will find this an absolute breeze. Even so, its very easy to do.

Use your imagination for whatever fabrics appeal to you, or craft them to your audience and what they would like.

Many traditional doorstops were made of cast iron or wood. Here is some Doorstop history.


Now for the Floral Pyramid Doorstop. Let’s get started.

All seams based on 1/4”

Finished size 5” x 5 “ x 7”

Make a pattern for the Floral Pyramid Doorstop

Use a piece of A4 Paper or some kitchen paper to make the pattern.

Fold the paper from one corner so that two adjacent sides of the paper meet as exactly as possible.

Measure from the corner up of the two open edges 4”. Mark that spot.

Measure up 8” from the base of the folded side. Mark that spot. Draw a line between the two marked spots. It should measure approximately 6”

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Cut along that line. Open to reveal the pattern.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Requirements for one Floral Pyramid Doorstop

One pattern drafted as above. Seam allowance is included.

N. B. For best results please use a small stitch length.

2 of 6” x 6” squares of dark floral large print

2 of 6” x 6” light small print floral which complements the first fabric

1 of 3” x 6” strip of the Large print for the handle

1 of 12” x 12” piece of calico or light coloured homespun for the lining

1 3/4 pounds of dry wheat or rice

2 tablespoons of dried lavender

2 teaspoons whole cloves

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Method of Construction for a Floral Pyramid Doorstop

Using the pattern, cut 4 from the lining fabric and two each from the light and dark florals yielding 8 pieces.

Lay a floral piece onto of each of the lining pieces, making four sets. Keep the sets together. They will be sewn together.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Turn in the long edges of the 6” x 3” strip. Sew down each side close to the edge.

Put one light set atop one dark set, right sides together. Sew along one long side of the kite shape.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Do the same with the second set, but make sure that they will alternate with the first set.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Fold the handle in half short sides together. Lay the handle at the top of one sewn kite set, raw edges all facing in the same direction and so that the length of the handle lines up over the top of the centre seam. Pin in place Put the second set on top, right sides together. Starting from the handle end sew a seam down the long side.

Do the same for the other side also starting from the top. The handle will then be nicely reinforced.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com
Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Sew each of the two bottom sides together.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Now open the base so that the two seams that have just been sewn meet each other. Sew from each end toward the centre, leaving a gap for turning. I do not bother to clip any corners before turning as I do not want to weaken the structure.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Turn through the opening use the handle to help pull through. Use chopstick or similar to gently push out the corners.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Fill with the wheat or rice through the hole. Do it over a large bowl to contain any spills. Add the lavender and cloves (optional, but it does make it nice)

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com
Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

Carefully turn in the edges of both layers and hand stitch the opening closed.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

There you have it. A lovely functional and sweet smelling Floral Pyramid Doorstop. Makes a beautiful gift too.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

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Have a lovey day,


Floral Pyramid Doorstop
Floral Pyramid Doorstop susies-scraps.com

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  1. Wow thanks Susie your door stoppers are lovely. I so desperately need a couple of these so I am going to get stuck in straight away.

  2. Popping back to say that yesterday I made one of these as a gift for my son’s girlfriend’s mother for Christmas. I’m so pleased with how it turned out!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tutorial.

  3. Thank you Susie for such a lovely gift idea. Your floral fabrics make the door-stops look so pretty. Now I need to find some dry rice 🙂

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