Free motion quilting puffed daisies

Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, today I would hope to inspire you with a quick post about Free Motion Quilting. I am particularly fond of Quilting Daisies.

Quilting Daisies

I think they really are my favourite quilting motif. They have worked well for me on a quite a few quilts and other items. The size and distance between them can vary, according to how much actual quilting it is that you want to do. In other words, whether you would like it to be sparse or dense. Either way they can create a nice texture. If the quilt / quilted item is particularly scrappy, the quilting may not really show up. So choosing the right area might matter.

On occasion, especially if the background allows, it can be nice to make a bit more of a feature of the pattern, which is what I have dome here.

In this instance, the pattern can be made to stand out or become more puffy by outlining the daisies and then doing a small stipple pattern outside the daisy shape. It’s quite simple really but a bit more time consuming. The stippling will flatten the background thereby making the daisies stand out.

This gives a similar impression to Trapunto work, even though it is not. Traditional Trapunto is a very old Italian method of stuffing areas of quilting. You can read more about that here.

Trapunto quilting

These days many quilters will use two layers of batting to achieve a similar look.

In this example I am showing you today, there is only one later of batting, but I think it still achieves a nice effect.

Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies
Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies.

Using a slightly contrasting thread will also help. In this instance I used a pale pink to complement the fabrics. This quilting was all done on a vintage Singer treadle.

Singer 31K20 Treadle – Free Motion Quilting

Here is how it looked on the back.

Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies
Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies

Anyhow, just a thought.

Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies
Free Motion Quilting Puffed Daisies

Hope you get to do some sewing today!

If you enjoyed this post, here is another example of daisies quilted onto a handbag.

Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

And from the previous post more daisies

Purple posies on point quilt


Rolling Scroll and Daisy Chain Free Motion Quilting

All the best,


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  1. Susie, your quilts are beautiful and I love you thoughts on cutting your scraps into useable sizes & shapes! I had started doing this, but I was still grouping them by color. Not real good for getting them into a new project! Thank you so much for sharing how, why & what you do with your scraps! I feel as though you’ve given me wings!

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