Quilted Scrap Fabric Basket – Upsize It Tutorial

Quilted Scrap Fabric Basket – Upsize It Tutorial.

Hello Everyone!  These baskets can have a myriad of uses.  The storage capacity is quite deceptive.image

Here is one full of fresh mandarins.  Its lovely to store food in cloth rather than plastic….or gift it.


These baskets are constructed in the same way as the Quilted Scrap Fabric Baskets.  These baskets are made from 2″ squares.  image

So if you would like to make some of these handy and adaptable baskets get out your 2″ squares.  This is especially good if you have a bit of a collection of 2″ squares but not feeling like making a whole quilt, this is a fun and yet useful project.

Requirements for one basket

80 x 2″ squares

5 x matching 6 1/2″ squares for the lining

1 x 10″ squares which matches the lining fabric, cut in half lengthways for the handles

5 x 6 1/2″ squares of scrap batting


Method for Construction and Assembly

To assemble the blocks, see assembly of the 16 patch blocks in Postage Stamp Blocks.

Postage Stamp Blocks

Please follow the instruction in the Quilted Scrap Fabric Basket for the construction of the basket.

Quilted Scrap Fabric Baskets Tutorial


So think about it, make use of some of those scrappy 2″ squares and create something so handy and useful.  Just on another note, its to that long until Christmas, these would be great at Christmas time filled with whatever you fancy!  One little tip, by alternating light and dark squares in the construction it can give the basket a “woven” appearance


Have fun making these and have a great day!

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