Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt Finish

Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt Finish 

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

Today I am sharing this quilt finish with you all.

I called this quilt Vintage Trellis.  I was fortunate enough to receive from my friend Jill, a set of nineteen thirties reproduction charm squares.  My goal was to use them together and to set them in a style which is reminiscent of the 1930’s depression era quilts.  It’s a very simple quilt.   My aim was to display these lovely charm square prints together and then have large plain areas in which to showcase some nice quilting.

A Charm Square quilt traditionally does not have any square repeated.

Charms for Charms Basket

Here is the link to the original pattern

Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt
Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

As you all know by now, I’m somewhat addicted to flowers and nature and that led me to the idea of quilting one of my favorites which is hydrangeas!

So this is how the free motion quilting went .

Quilting Hydrangeas
Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

I just love hydrangeas.  If you live in a temperate area you can grow them and enjoy the wonder of being able to dry them .  The flowers look awesome in a dry vase or terra cotta pot long after the original blooming!  Sooo nice!

I added a bright sky blue print for the backing and bright red print as the binding.
Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt Finish
Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

A stray set of 5” Charm Squares can be incorporated into this design with a plain background.  I know they are simple but to me they certainly do hold their own Charm!!
Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

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Happy stitching,

All the best,

Susie© 2020

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