Signature Pre-Cuts from Your Stash

Signature Pre-Cuts from Your Stash

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

If you are looking at parts of your stash which are quilting off cuts, or you are hoarding your quilting off cuts in plastic bags, think about it, what are they good for?  Well to be honest, they are fairly uninspiring when they are just random pieces of various sizes stuffed Ito bags, don’t you think? What are you waiting for?  Why not just cut them up? Sure you might say, but I don’t know what I’m going to make yet?  That’s okay … that’s what makes it more fun.  Chances are the ideas will begin to flow when you revisit the fabric.

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Cut Up Your Quilting Off Cuts

I use my 1 1/2″ scrap squares to make these postage stamp blocks.  All the scraps look good together.

Postage Stamp Blocks

Postage Stamp Quilt Blocks Scrappy
Postage Stamp Blocks

If you are not feeling confident about the scraps, then here is another alternative.  Make your own signature pre-cuts from your stash.  What I mean by that, is choosing and using from the fabrics which you have already purchased.   Choose your own theme, or  colour, or style of fabric, to make a quilt which will be unique to you.  In the example below I have chosen to use bright florals, so I have collected from my stash and then cut 5″ squares to use for a new quilt.

Signature Pre cut Fabrics Quilting
Signature Pre cuts from your Stash Susie’

I used some of these for the Floral Fantasy Friendship Quilt.

It’s worthwhile remembering that all fabrics are different and for that reason I like to pre wash my fabrics.

To Wash or Not to Wash…

Another example would be to use checks or ginghams to create a unique quilt.  They are especially good for creating a country or even primitive look or great for a masculine quilt.  These fabrics can be from your stash and could also include old cotton shirts.  Use the parts of the fabric which are in good repair.

Here is a quilt which I made from these fabrics.

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern Bordered

This was a gift to our youngest for his 21st.

Or maybe you are hankering for something more modern or You would like choose a particular colour way.  In this instance I have chosen orange and truthfully have surprised myself.  I didn’t realize I had so many orange fabrics, and I’m liking the look of these.  I think I have the makings of a new quilt!  I think there is a good mixture here, there are some large prints, medium, prints and small prints, then there are some bright and some more muted oranges.  There is also some spots and a nice splash of white in a few of the fabrics giving good contrast.

Some other suggestions are solids.  If you want maximum impact and contrast, solids are fantastic.  They create a strong visual and with a stark contrast.  The quilt will be a success.

Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt

How about a mixture of oriental prints!

Japanese Inspired Strip Quilt

In the next example, the colour way is purple and the theme is stars.  You can see that the variation in the purples is great and I think that’s a good thing.  It creates interest and a unique look.

Charm Square Stars Anika’s Quilt & Free Pattern

Perhaps you would like to focus on one colour, like I did with this Periwinkle Blues quilt.  I was surprised how many blue based fabrics I found.  They are not totally blue.  It doesn’t matter, as the small amounts of other colours give it a bit of life.

Periwinkle Blues Quilt Part 2

Periwinkle Quilt
Periwinkle Blues Quilt Susie’

These are just a few examples.  They are only limited by your imagination.  Be willing to mix things up.  Choose a colour or a theme that you like and see what you come up with. You might be surprised.   So check out your fabrics, and see what you have put them together and mix them up.  Then you can make a quilt which is unique to you!

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  1. Dear Susie, thank you very much for all for fantastic “scraps”.

    It’s will not easy to choose – which one I try to make?

    Whith love

    Marianne (with the Singer machine)

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