Garden Delights…Retro Planter with Red Geranium

Retro Planter with red geranium.

Cant help it.  I love to rescue things from second hand shops and give them a new lease on life  On another visit to McKay’s Mart, I found this retro plant stand.

I thought it had potential and was worth the effort to fix it up.  So I took it home, cleaned it well then, gave it a couple of coats of paint.  I just used exterior acrylic paint, like Dulux Weathershield.  A semi gloss is always a good choice for items which are a bit “rustic” because it will not highlight the imperfections the way a full gloss does.

I then needed to find a suitable pot to rest on it.  I found a ceramic one and then a plastic inset pot.  I planned to put it on a verandah so having water dripping from it would not be ideal.

I’ve noticed lately that Geraniums are having a revival.  I think that’s great, especially in our climate because they are tough survivors.  But at the moment you can pay a pretty penny for them in the nurseries.

I think people have been turned off them sometimes because if they are neglected for years they look unruly.  But really with a little care they are very pretty, easy to grow, easy to propagate and can be used as cut flowers (yes they can).  If you cut a bunch of geraniums and put them in a vase at home you will do they plant a favour, have a lovely bouquet and you might be surprised to see that some of them will grow roots in a short period of time.

But I’m diverging.  I got some cuttings of a climbing red geranium and put them in my pot with some quality potting soil and watered in well.

Now after several weeks they are looking like this.

What at a great way to improve the look of a dull corner.  A nice distraction from the colour bond fence.

So with a bit of imagination garden features don’t necessarily have to be expensive.   So bring on the geraniums and be amazed what a few cuttings can bring you.  Remember with gardening, the fun is in the growing!


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