Tea Time for Alice Mini Quilt

Tea Time for Alice Mini Quilt

Hello Dear Friends and Readers.  Greetings!

Recently, I was invited to what we would traditionally call a Kitchen Tea or Bridal Shower.  A pre wedding get together which would be an opportunity for the bride to be, to gather with the matriarchy of her family and friends to be given a small gift and some sage advice for the longevity of marriage.

For this occasion I couldn’t resist making a small quilt which would be suitable for the kettle area or for serving an afternoon tea.

I thought that something simple would be good as this is a little quilt which will be prone to significant wear and it may need to be made in a hurry! 😁

I have one of these under my kettle at all times.  It is great for reducing kitchen noise and clatter and for absorbing any water spills.

An occasion is not really required to make one of these.  Also it is a small project which is easy to handle, practical and satisfying to make due, to the short time frame!! 😅

After I had finished putting together this quilt top… no, it isn’t quilted yet…. this was the inspiration for the for the “Tea Time for Alice Mini Quilt.  You will see what I mean.

Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

As you know I am always keen to work with leftover squares, so you will be able to use your scraps!

Finished size approximately 18” x 18”

Requirements for the Teatime for Alice Mini Quilt

12 of 5” x 5” fabric scrap squares
1 of 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” square for the centre
! Piece of scrap batting approx 20” x 20”
1 piece of backing fabric approx 20” x 20”
2 of 2 1/2” with of fabric strips for the binding

Instructions for making the Tea Time for Alice Mini Quilt

Sew the 12 of 5” x 5” squares into 6 sets of two.  Attach a set to either side of the 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” square.  Attach the remainder 4 sets of 2 to the other sides of the 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” square to form a bigger square.

Press the whole.  Lay the backing piece right side down.  Centre the batting square on top.  Centre the mini quilt on top, right side up.  Press.  Pin with safety pins.  Quilt as desired.

Attaching the binding strips.

Then hand stitch in place.  That’s it!  Your done!

Attaching Binding to a Quilt & Tutorial

By the way, remember, making a mini quilt like this is always excellent for testing a quilting design and making a small finished project.

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Happy Quilting!


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