What’s Cooking?…Chocolate Donuts

What’s Cooking?…Chocolate Donuts.

These little Chocolate Donuts are delicious and relatively easy and fun to make.  These make great party food, a treat for a weekend or lunch box now and then or just because…

You can share them with your family and friends or take some to work.  They can also be frozen if you like.

To make these donuts follow the instructions for making “Berliners”.

What’s Cooking?…”Berliners”

Once the dough has rested, roll them into balls then make a hole in the centre and stretch them a little, to make the hole a bit bigger.


Don’t worry if they don’t look perfect,, by the time they have risen, been cooked and iced, they will be great!

Allow the donuts to rise in a warm place until they double in size.


Cook in hot oil as instructed in the “Berliners” tutorial.  Allow to cool before adding your favorite chocolate icing.





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