Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

Gosh I’m busting!  I have been working on a new block I want to share with you all.  It’s based on an old favorite but put together with lots of scraps.

We all have scraps left over from other quilt projects.  It doesn’t really matter how far into your quilting journey you are, there will be some scraps.  It doesn’t matter if they are matching or random, they are still scraps. And they are still good fabric.  I have a bag in which I save 2” scraps which are all leftovers from previous projects.  It’s quite good just to cut a few leftovers saving your hands getting fatigued because its just cutting a few over time.  This sure helps to keep the sewing space tidy.  It just keeps filling up.  It is quite a delightful surprise when I delve into it.  This little bag can easily sit next to my machine or in my lap and I can start sewing.  That is one of the things I just love about scrapppy quilts.  Having pieces precut means start sewing if the mood strikes.  Here is my little bag.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

The planning of quilts and cutting when dealing with large pieces of fabrics is quite a procedure.  I can really get myself into a major mess, hauling out fabrics to try to put together to coordinate them for a particular design.  It can often take quite a while and I wind up feeling like a pussycat who has been given a big ball of wool and played until she is in quite a tangled state.  Do you ever feel like that?   By that time, there is no more time left for sewing and I just have a big mess.

Not today!  I only had to cut one plain fabric and the rest is ready.  I can sit at my treadle and begin!  How civilized is that!  For my background, I’m an using a cream homespun, other suitable fabrics would be light scraps or any solid to give contrast and continuity to the scraps.

Okay!  Let’s get to it.  I have a lot of 2“ square scraps.  Do you?  Before you decide…..think about it….maybe you have some scraps lying around that need to be cut into something useful.

All seams based on 1/4”.

Block size 11” x 11”

Requirements for the Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

29 of 2“ x 2“ scrap squares

4 of 5“ x 5“ background squares (cream homespun)

Small Scissors
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Method of Construction for the Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Place a 2“ square face down on one corner of a 5“ background square.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Sew across the diagonal of the 2“ square.  This can be “eyeballed“,  (If you are not comfortable you can rule a diagonal line across the back of the 2“ square and then sew across the diagonal.)  Leaving 1/4“ seam allowance, cut away the excess fabric using small scissors.  Finger press the snowball triangle towards the corner.  Repeat for the other three corners.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Make the other three snowball blocks in the same manner.

With the remainder of the 2” x 2” squares make two strips of three and one strip of seven squares joined together.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Using a set of three squares attach two snowball blocks together.  Repeat for the other two snowball blocks. Finger press.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Put the set of seven squares in between the two joined snowball blocks.  Take care to ensure that the centre square is well nested and the seam allowances face away from the centre square of each side so that the block sits nicely.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Sew down each side.  Press the block.  Now you can see the scrappy snowball emerge in the centre of the snowball blocks.  Pretty cute hey! And fun to make.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

Here is a few more.
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

If you like working with 2” scraps, here are a few others which may also take your fancy!

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Well I hope you can get a chance to do some sewing today.  And enjoy some of those scraps!  Remember a few at a time can soon add up to something wonderful!

All the best,

Susie x
Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block

© Susan Stuklis 2020

4 thoughts on “Scrappy Snowball in Snowballs Block”

  1. Your block is adorable. I have a big container full of 2 inch squares. I’ll be making this. I love scrappy quilts.
    Thank you so very much, I really appreciate you sharing your pattern.

  2. I love this one! Maybe I can get my scraps under control by making 1or 6 like this. I never thought of having the scraps being the “snowball”
    Would you please share of photo of one completed?

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