Quilting Hydrangeas

Quilting Hydrangeas 

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

There is so much sadness in the world at the moment.  I thought we needed some cheering up.  And what better way than by working a a project that is uplifting?  I am trying to finish a quilt tonight… well that might be a tad ambitious…it will not be tonight, but bit by bit….  I have completed the outline quilting.  This was done by stitching in the ditch around all the plain areas of the quilt.  This stabilises the quilt and makes it easier to do the free motion quilting.  Now I am Quilting Hydrangeas because I just love them!  Hydrangeas have big pom pom style clusters of flower heads, in many differing colours including whites, blues, reds, pinks and lavenders, depending on the soil type.  Nature is the ultimate inspiration and I really go out of my way to reflect that in my quilts.

Quilting Hydrangeas Free Motion

Actually,  I was just remembering, after a family bereavement, many years ago now, my friend Heather brought me a beautiful bunch of Hydrangeas from her garden.   They were much like these, pictured above.   I think they are gorgeous and they can be kept as dried flowers too.   They look just as wonderful as their fading papery petals slowly dry and they will keep for years.  I have to say they brought me much comfort….seems so small, but it matters, I have never forgotten them, thank you Heather.   In these times, I believe any comfort matters and that is why I’m sharing this with you all today.

Quilting Hydrangeas Free Motion

Here is the quilt.  Just a simple one.  I was given these vintage reproduction fabrics, by my friend Jill and I wanted to do them justice by incorporating them into a vintage style design.  Hence the plain lemon background.

The pattern is inspired from a vintage quilt, created into a modern version for quick construction.  Sadly, it may now appear that the inspiration gleaned from a Depression Era quilt, may be all too  real at this moment in time…..

The quilt pattern is here.

Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

I’m stitching the Free Motion Quilting on a Singer 201K.  This is an electric machine.  I have several tops that need quilting and this girl is pretty fast (the machine I mean!) 😀

I know I have mentioned before…but if by chance you happened across one of these machines in your travels, take it home if you can…..

Vintage Singer 201K and FMQ

Now, back to the quilting….there is still a ways to go…

Quilting Hydrangeas Free Motion

Here is a bit more of an idea of how it’s going to look in the next photo.

Quilting Hydrangeas Free Motion

This Quilting Hydrangeas pattern I have created by making a very small four petal flower in the centre and then fanning out with four larger square petals around it.  Each flower is approximately 1 1/2” diameter.

To move onto the next flower, just stitch a line to the next spot, and try to incorporate that line into the side of one of the petals of the next flower, trying to keep the flowers reasonably close to each other just as they are on a hydrangea flower head, until the space is filled.

Quilting Hydrangeas Free Motion

Now, back to some more free motion quilting.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe.   Just in case you missed my mask pattern, here is the link.

Duck Bill Personal Face Mask Made Easy

Maybe you can put some flowers into your life and quilts.  By the way, you probably know, but Hydrangeas can be propagated from cuttings.  Here is how.  They are like the gift that keeps giving, year after year.

Hydrangea Propagation

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All the best,


© Susan Stuklis 2020

5 thoughts on “Quilting Hydrangeas”

  1. You have inspired me to give FMQ a try. I have a 201-2 Singer in a beautiful cabinet that I found at a thrift store for only $25. I am going to set it up for quilting, so I don’t have to set it up each time I use it. I have 3 other vintage machines that I piece with!

  2. I truly love every thing you’ve posted. This Rose quilting is
    beautiful. Thank you for putting up this website!

  3. I truly love every thing you’ve posted. This Rose quilting is beautiful. Thank you for putting up this website!

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