Chocolate Box Four Patch Quilt

Chocolate Box Four Patch Quilt

I love four patch quilts.  I often find it is the simplest quilts which can have the most appeal.  No matter how many quilts I look at, I am always drawn back to the simple quilts and antique  and vintage quilts.  Making use of things you already have can lead to unexpected appeal when they are put together.  I really believe you can’t have too many different fabrics.  In fact the more fabrics the better it looks.

Four patch quilts can be simple and satisfying to make.  They are fantastic for scraps.  The more variation the better.  Four patch blocks can be made easily, anytime if you have patches already cut.

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I made this quilt  for a young man.  I called it Chocolate Box Four Patch.  It is set on point, with matching brown background squares which really make the scrappy four patch stand out.    I used 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” scrap squares, using a palette of reds, blacks, blues, greens and golds.  The same size squares are set into a border.  The border uses 2 1/2” strips of brown either side of the squares.  The binding is scrappy too.  This quilt, “Chocolate Box Four Patch”, was quilted on a Vintage Singer domestic sewing machine.  I stipple quilted the brown patches in between the four patch blocks and quilted a trailing vine leaf on the border.

© 2014 Susan Stuklis

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Box Four Patch Quilt”

  1. I’m loving your website and all your quilts. The scrappy style just speaks to me. I’ve finished 2 quilts, using your tutorials, so far and want to do one like this for my grandson. His school colors include navy blue so I’m planning to use that instead of the brown. Do you have an estimate of the yardage needed for the background squares and the two borders strips? Thanks so much for your website and all the work you do creating your beautiful designs.

    1. Dear Anne,
      Thank you so much. I believe 2 1/2 yards/metres will be required for the background of this quilt.

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