What’s Cooking?…Fruit Water

What’s Cooking?…Fruit Water.

Cost and calories for this project – negligible.  I have had so much fun making these fresh fruit waters.  If you are not fond of just drinking water, don’t fancy the flavour, are watching your weight and or alcohol consumption or begrudge paying for bottles of water if you are away from home, this project may be for you.


I’m really not crazy about water in plastic bottles for a variety of reasons.   Purchasing it is expensive.  Enhancing water with fresh fruit in season is easy.  You don’t even have to rely on fresh fruit, add a little dried fruit if you have run out like cranberries or some finely cut prunes, if you need  bit of help in that department.  Some chia seeds are also lovely, will add interest and help you feel fuller.  Add fruit to a chilled infusion of green or herbal tea.  How about some sliced tomatoes and a dash of Tabasco as a spicy pre dinner drink!

The colours in the water are a feast for the eyes too and will make you feel like you are having a treat, even though probably doing oneself a favour.

This is how I do it.


Save some passata (tomato puree) bottles.  They have a nice open neck and this makes it easy to add fruit to the bottle.

Clean the bottles well and save the lids.  Fill with fresh or filtered water.  Chill if desired.  Add a couple of tablespoons of chopped fruit just before serving.  If using Chia seeds, add the night before to give them time to plump up.


Here are some examples / suggestions as shown in the photographs.

Dried cranberries with fresh strawberries
Fresh pineapple
Pommegranite, lemon and chia seeds
Orange slicesand Mandarin segments

Fresh Strawberries

Take one with you to work.  Add one or two bottles of this to your table.  They look festive.  They are pretty enough to serve,  or decant to a jug add a vintage glass with a parfait spoon and you are sitting pretty.image

Hope you have fun too.


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