Uneven Nine Patch Block Tutorial

 Uneven Nine Patch Block Tutorial

I’ve been contemplating this block for quite some time.  Some people may  also call this “Puss in the Corner Block”, although this has many variations and can be more complex than the block which I am sharing today.      I think Uneven Nine Patch is very descriptive of this block.   I made a test block, a while  back and I was sharing it with Paula J Payne from Quilting time in Dixie.

This is my test block.


You can check out her site for some daily inspiration.


 Anyhow, I mention this because she showed me another way to make this block.  So….. you can choose.


Nevertheless, I find that this block has an absolutely elegant mathematical simplicity which is hard to go past.  You may wonder what that is?  This block is made very simply, no waste, with excellent results, no matter which method you choose.

I think the clincher for me was when I sighted the block recently in a very old antique quilt.  The layout was so timeless, appealing and simple.  It’s got enduring style, I think.  Gosh, I hope I’m not overselling it, but I think you’ll see what at I mean.  You may have some unused 5″ x 5″ charm squares lying around.  This could be just the project.  All seams based on 1/4″.

 Ingredients for one traditional block

Incidentally, I’m choosing a colour palette of blues and browns, but choose what appeals to you.

Block size 9″ x 9″ square.

2 of 5″ x 5″ light squares

2 of 5″ x 5″ dark squares



Cut the 2 light  squares in half lengthways.

Leave one dark square whole.. Cut the second dark square horizontally through  the centre of the block from each side to reveal 4 of 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ squares.  Arrange them as pictured below.


Sew together like a nine patch.  Today I’m sewing with a Singer 201K treadle.

Singer 201K Treadle C1947


Here is the finished block.


Here is how they are coming along…


For this project I am making 20 blocks.  To be continued…….

After finishing my 20 blocks, this is the quilt I created.  Click on the link for the free pattern.

Uneven Nine Patch Quilt Pattern Antique Style


5 thoughts on “Uneven Nine Patch Block Tutorial”

    1. Beginning with 4 of 5″ x 5″ squares, two light and two dark. Cut the two light squares in half. Keep one dark Square whole, cut the other dark Square into quarters. Arrange into a Nine Patch.

  1. Moda used this pattern for one of their layer cakes they called it Bartholo-meow’s Reef boxes because of the fabric they used. My home quilting group made it as our first group project and it was interesting to see what a difference fabric can make.

  2. I am fairly new to quilting and I’ve not made this block yet though I have seen it around on the blogs. I thought the first method of making it seemed really quick and easy, just cutting off the sides and resewing them back on again. When I finally get around to this block I will give both methods a try. Thanks for sharing the 2 styles – I look forward to seeing your finished quilt 🙂

  3. This is a great block to make for babies and small children which I have a lot of blocks cut. Can you share the instructions in Adobe form. Thanks for sharing.

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