Machine Sashiko

Machine Sashiko

Hello Dear Friends and Readers.

Sashiko stitching is a great quilting solution for small squares and triangles.  Those small angles and lengths can be a little challenging to quilt.

I have tried this type of stitching before and found it very enjoyable and a useful type of stitching.

Tonight I am stitching on my Singer 201K from 1948.

Vintage Singer 201K and FMQ

Having previously attempted this stitching using free motion, I found it was more difficult to keep the gentle curves neat.  I would like to share with you my method which is actually just general machine stitching, however, by using quilting gloves, it is easier to create the nice sweeping curves.
Machine Sashiko

Another advantage is that it well secures all the points as you can see.  It happens by stitching in this gentle “S” shape.

No special sewing notions are required.

Of course you might like to practice a little first.

I really like the pattern it creates.

Actually I think it could also work well with different coloured threads.  I really like the “orange peel” or even “cathedral window” type of pattern it creates.

This is what it looks like from the back.   Pretty neat don’t you think?

So there we are.  A different type of quilting.

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Machine Sashiko

Happy sewing!


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2 thoughts on “Machine Sashiko”

  1. The old machines make such a beautiful stitch. I treasure my old Singers and would not want a new sewing machine! You are amazing with all the stitching you come up with!

  2. Hi Suzie. Did you lower the pressure on the presser foot? I know this can help if you want to manipulate the quilt so it’s still being fed by the feed dogs.

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