Quilter’s Christmas Cake from Pre Cuts + Tutorial (Zero Calories)

Quilter’s Christmas Cake from Pre Cuts + Tutorial (Zero Calories)

Make your own Jelly Rolls!

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

I’m excited!   I just came up with this idea of a Quilters Christmas Cake!   Or any other occasion you wish to choose!  Use your fabric to make a beautiful cake!  See previous post “Obsession with Pre-cuts/Make your own Charms”.

Obsession with Pre Cuts / Make Your Own

If you need inspiration to cut up your fabric, maybe this is it.  Use the fabrics already in your stash to make some rolls of fabric strips.  You can make the equivalent of some “Jelly” rolls, “Dessert Rolls”and such.  Get out fabrics, as many as you like that look good together but don’t be afraid to mix it up.  These rolls can be used to make a quilt later.


12 metres of various quilting cotton fabric.
Various lengths of different coloured ribbons to wrap around each roll.
Serving plate for the cake
Make the equivalent of three Jelly rolls.  Jelly rolls are made from 2 1/2″ strips.

The base roll tier will have 3 metres of fabric cut into 2 1/2″ strips.

The next tier up will have 2 1/2 metres of 2 1/2″ strips.

The 3rd tier up will have 2 metres of 2 1/2″ strips.

The 4th tier up will have 1 1/2 metres of 2″ strips.

The fifth tier up will have 2 1/2 metres of 5″ strips.

The top tier will have about 1 metre of 1 1/2″ strips

Once you cut each set of fabric strips. lay the one on top of another lengthways with the folded ends of the fabric at one end, overlapping about 1/2″ with each new fabric strip.

Then once all your strips are assembled for each roll, roll up carefully from the open ends of the fabrics, so that all the folded ends are on the outside of the roll. Hold together with a big rubber band.  Make sure all the folds are flat.

Stack up the fabric rolls like in the photos.  Put onto a serving plate and wrap each roll with a ribbon.  Decorate with some biscuit cutters or Christmas ornaments and viola!

Something lovely for a Christmas decoration.

Wrapping one of the tiers in cellophane would make a lovely quilters Christmas gift!

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