Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square – Part 2

Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square – Part 2

Just a short time ago I showed you my new block idea of Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square.   No triangles to cut and no squaring up!   I’ve been having a lot of fun making these blocks.  It’s really quite satisfying to make such a pretty block from scraps.  Actually I think they are quite addictive and not at all boring.  Read more about that here.

Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square


Today I’m showing how I am finishing those blocks ready to go into a new baby quilt.  I thought the blocks needed something extra.  I decided in order to overcome the bias edges of the block and finish them ready to go into the quilt.  To do that I thought they would look and behave beautifully with a frame.

This is how I do it.

Ingredients for the framed Scrappy Pinwheel in a Square Block

1 x a 1 1/2″ Width of Fabric (WOF) strip for each block


Gently press your blocks without stretching.  From each 1 1/2″ WOF strip, sub cut the strip into;

2 x 8″ strips

2 x 10″ strips


Pin a 8″ strip evenly to two opposite side of a finished block.  Sew them on, being careful to observe your 1/4″ seam so that the points are not lost.   Finger press.


Pin a 10″ strip evenly to each of the remainder unfinished sides and then sew on.


There you have it a framed scrappy pinwheel in a square.  No more bias edges and I think it looks more finished.


Press to finish the block.  Make some more!




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      1. Thank you, it works on my Ipad. Just another question please? How did you put the white triangles on the sides of the coloured triangle block? Did you sew it onto the back of the main block an make a slit and cut the white on the back, from the middle to corners and then open it? Please explain, I,m lost. Thank you. Marika

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