Kitchen Sink Rag Rug

In Front of the Kitchen Sink Crochet Rag Rug.

Like it or not, a considerable period of time can be spent in front of the kitchen sink.  So for that reason, I have had this project in mind for quite a while.  In my previous post “Crochet Floor Rugs” I’ve discussed my reasons for making these crocheted “rag rugs”.

Crochet Floor Rugs


For this project I wanted to make a rug to have in front of the kitchen sink.  Especially with today’s hard slab floors, they are very unforgiving, not just for breakages, but also for our skeletal system, so, to stand on something soft and absorbent would increase comfort and warmth.


I re-purposed an old set of queen sized sheets to make the main part of the mat.  As usual, I have torn them into 2″ strips, then crocheted with a big crochet hook.  The very nice thing about these rugs is they are very soft underfoot and at least 1/2″ thick.  This rug is an oblong shape so it will sit neatly in front of the sink.  In order to do that begin with a chain of crochet, bearing in mind that it will increase in width and length as it grows.  As I approached the corners, add one chain stitch, crochet two and add one chain, just to make the corners form nicely.


To make the border, I added the best part of a single white sheet.  I crocheted two rounds of white.  To finish, so that the edges don’t look abruptly finished, cut a long tail of the fabric, feed through the last loop to knot, then work the tail around the edge of the last row for several stitches, then trim to finish.


Generally I have found that the weight of these rugs keeps them stable on the floor, however, if your floors are particularly slippery, you may wish to add a non slip layer underneath to prevent movement or slippage for safety.

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