Old Italian Block Progress and Setting

Old Italian Block Progress and Setting

Hello Dear Friends and Reader’s,

I thought today I would share my progress on this quilt and also my setting for the blocks.  Here is the link to the blocks in case you missed it.

Old Italian Block Antique Style Made Easy

I have been making more blocks.

And here are my sashing pieces and extra cornerstones.

I decided to sash the blocks and add red cornerstones the same as I have used in the block.  This creates a lovely secondary pattern which is almost like stars.

The sashing pieces in the white background are  like the blocks.  The sashing pieces are  8 1/2“ x 2 1/2”.  The cornerstones are 2 1/2” x 2 1/2”

I have decided to make the quilt 7 x 7 blocks.  Therefore 49 of the Old Italian Blocks Antique Style Made Easy.

It is going to make a good sized quilt.  Here I am putting it all together.  I’m using a 201k treadle  you might have seen Alex Askaroff recently doing a very informative post on the Singer 201k machines.  Here is the link.  https://sewalot.com/singer_201k_sewalot.htm

I really love to use this treadle, every single time!

Singer 201K Treadle C1947

Now I’ve finished the 47 Old Italian Blocks Antique Style Made Easy,  I have put the sashing and cornerstones in between .  Hopefully you can see the secondary  pattern I was keen to achieve.  Like stars in between.

Here it is, laid it out on the ground for your perusal.  I am making this quilt for one of my son’s.  He doesn’t know.  😉🥰

I will need to get onto quilting it very soon!

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All the best, until next time!


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