Nonnas Knitting Gees Bend Style

Nonnas Knitting Gees Bend Style

Hello Dear Friends and Readers.  Today I just had to share this inspiration with you all!

Of late, my daughter and I have been spending time at a local residential care facility with the  residents knitting group.

This beautiful group of octogenarians and nonogenerians meet regularly to knit.  Their  group knits beautiful rugs which they donate to the homeless, or women who have been victims of domestic violence.  Their knowing experienced hands work together to make the blocks and borders for these gorgeous hand knitted rugs. Two beautiful ladies Virgina and Julie look after this group and steer their creativity.

Once there are sufficient blocks and borders, they are hand stitched together to make a rug. I couldn’t help but notice the improvisational colourful style is reminiscent of the wonderous African-American quilts which have emerged from the Gee’s Bend area in Alabama.

Click on the link to learn more.

I’m sure you can see what I mean!  These hand knits are bold and artistic.  Their imperfect freedom of style and colour is both striking and captivating.  I think they make amazing couch throws or wall hangings which give a powerful artistic splash of colour and style.

It’s a reminder to us as quilters to be brave.  Utilise lonely unused blocks and pieces of solid fabrics to create an expressionistic type of quilt which will create interest for generations to come.

I hope you enjoy these bold works.  I believe we can all take example from these ladies!  It’s okay to express yourself or move out of your comfort zone even just for a little while….

Incidentally, they are working with 8 ply acrylics.  If anyone in Australia is interested in donating any balls or even scraps of 8 ply balls to this group please let me know. Likewise if anyone would like more information about these beautiful works feel free to message me.

Last time I was in Sydney, Australia, I noticed that granny style rugs are having  a huge comeback. Everyone wants to be seen sipping their lattes, with a hand knitted or crocheted rug on their lap and they  sure to add colorfulstyle to the cafe set!

Hoping you are feeling inspired! I know I am!  It is that blend of artistic endeavour and utaliatarinism which I’m loving sharing with you all. There is always a use for scraps!

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One thought on “Nonnas Knitting Gees Bend Style”

  1. I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful hands of the lady knitting. They remind me of my grandmother’s hands. She was an avid knitter for many years. She will be 99 this Nov 2. She had to give up knitting about 10 years ago. My mother and I still have several of her master pieces as well as a few flops 😂!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us.
    Our weather is starting to cool down so I hope to start a few quilts. My first is to make a lap quilt for my beautiful grandmother Ruth.

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