Vintage Singer 760 Sewing Machine C1971

Vintage Singer 760 Sewing Machine C1971

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I hope you are faring well.

Not every story has a happy ending as we all know.  I have a new/old machine.  My friend, Kaye, messaged me one day and said she had met a lady who wanted to get rid of her machine.  I did eventually pick it up and  take it home.  The lady said it had been a good machine but something had happened and she didn’t seem to think it was working anymore.  I said i would have a look at it and see what I could do.  I got the impression it might be a lost cause.   I was particularly busy at the time.  The case looked pretty tired and dirty. It came with a small box parts.  So I just left it undercover on the veranda for several weeks.  I finally summoned up the courage to look under the lid, so to speak.

I looked under the lid and and saw it was a Singer, but I noticed that the foot pedal was missing.  I was somewhat disheartened.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

That was disappointing, so I messaged the lady to ask her but she said everything was there.

So I left it to sit for a few more months…..

Eventually, when time allowed, I thought I should take a proper look at it.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

Low and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I removed the lid completely, that the foot pedal was neatly tucked into the side of the carry case along with the original manual.  I hadn’t expected that!  In between time I have been working on some quilting on this quilt top.

Vintage Trellis Charm Quilt

My enthusiasm was now increased.  Obviously the machine was dirty and needed some attention.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

The clip in table next to the free arm was stuck down with thick sticky tape.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

So of course i removed it for cleaning.  I discovered that thatwas there for a purpose.  The clip in mechanism for the table was not working.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

I attempted to fix it with cleaning and oiling but to no avail.  I think the mechanism is broken or damaged.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

I did undo the base of the machine in attempting to fix it and clean out the underside.  This is how it looks.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

I noticed on the side of the machine, there is still the price tag which makes it more interesting.  The price tag says $449- which was a lot of money back in 1971.

A bit of history.  It was purchased from a department store called Cox-Foys which was a chain of department stores, the Adelaide one being established in 1907, white other stores in Australia started in the 1880‘s.  The base price for the popular Holden Kingswood sedan car at the time was $1,900-.  That gives a comparison of how expensive this sewing machine was at the time.  It would have been a very expensive purchase for any family.  The average weekly wage was $121- according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (I presume that was before tax) and the cost of a loaf of bread was 21 cents.  The machine was manufactured in West  Germany.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

Knowing now that this was a quality machine I was more determined to get it going.  It has some quite sophisticated features for the time including a needle threader and a self winding bobbin.  I think its a rather nice looking machine too.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

It came with a series of cams for making many stitch patterns and some accessories.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

Here is a view from under the front where the light is housed.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

My next step was to clean out the bobbin race.  It had many years iof thread and debris.  The mechanism appears quite complex and different to any machine I have encountered before.
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

After quite a few hours of work it seems that I have found the issue with the machine and why the lady stopped using it.  The self winding bobbin is the focal point of the machine.  Despite my efforts, the bobbin is not turning in the bobbin race.  It can neither wind a bobbin or make a stitch.  This is most disappointing.  I guess that while it was a sophisticated and refined way of having a bobbin winder, its both crucial and the Achilles Heel to the whole machine.  So I’m at an impasse…..
Singer 760 sewing machine C1971

Time to move on….. to be continued….

Wishing you well.

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16 thoughts on “Vintage Singer 760 Sewing Machine C1971”

  1. It sounds as though the hook gear may be cracked. There are replacement parts on eBay, and the you tuber “in stitches” shows a repair of that item. You might want to take a chance if you still have the machine. Good luck with whatever you have decided to do. Thank you for the slice of life post.

  2. Mine’s missing the slot upper threaded guide on top of the sewing machine and mine’s a 360 no it’s a 760 just want to know if I can buy the parts to it thank you

    1. You may be able to get one retro fitted at your local sewing machine centre. Or probably look on eBay for second hand parts for that machine. A last resort would be to get a second machine the same to use as spare parts.

  3. I have an unused singer sewing machine. All the attachments. Hand written receipt from owner. Great confition….looking 2 sell

  4. My father got me one of these for Christmas, 1974. It’s a wonderful machine and mine still works great — a little dusting and oiling every year. The Singer repair man told me it was one of the 3 best machines that Singer ever made so keep at trying to get it going.

  5. Hi Susie,
    I purchased a Singer 760 recently from an elderly man whose wife had died. He said it had been a good machine that she had used over the years. Unfortunately I’ve found it’s missing the tension assembly but otherwise is fully intact . Perhaps we can come to some agreement and at least have one working machine

  6. I have a 401 A would love to the accessories that came with it. Where to look would be a big help.

  7. I bought one two years back from lady who was overwhelmed by all of the possible settings and I can tell you this was one of my best purchase. On youtube you can find some videos about repairing. On my machine I did readjusted the cam for automatic button hole sewing which also positively impacted different stitch patterns 😀

  8. It’s obvious that the machine needs new plastic gears. All five of them to be exact. Not an easy job if you’ve ever done one. The gears are available on line. Installing them and retiming them all is the challenge. I’m in New Jersey, USA. I charge 200.00 $ U.S. for gear jobs or rebuilds. Just to give you an idea about the cost. Gears are a big problem with the 400 and 700 series machines. They went from metal gears to plastic gears. Big mistake.

  9. My mom had one, did alot of sewing. I remember those disks for different stitch patterns. Hope you can get it working again. Sewing machines are a wonderful invention. I own 2 Janome and a Featherweight, and recently acquired 2 Treadle, 2 portable and 2 in newer cabinets machines. All were used by a seamstress locally. But machines sat in house a long time, so need care.

  10. I’ve got a later model similar to the one you’re working on. The self winding bobbins need to have a special bobbin with a little metal ball built into the bobbin. This faces up and operates when the cover is almost closed. I am probably telling something you’ve already discovered but if you need a couple of bobbins, I can give you some. My machine is still working and it too has a walking foot. Mine is a slant shank machine. 623 I believe.

  11. There is a vintage Singer group you can join– –that has a lot of useful information.
    The International Sewing Machine Collectors Society website also has a wealth of information.
    The website might also be useful.

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