Vintage Flower Garden Cot Quilt

Vintage Flower Garden Cot Quilt

In my travels, I have rarely seen second hand antique or vintage quilts here in Australia, that have been available to buy.  I can literally count them on one hand.

I did find one green and white needle turn applique quilt in Sydney once, but as it was well worn and a bit faded I thought $900- was a bit steep….I don’t know…

Another I saw was literally on the streets of Sydney, being used by a homeless man.  It was simple and bright and I was glad he was making good use of it.  Here is a picture of that quilt.

The third was a wonderful Return Servicewomen Quilt at a local hospital.  Well this one wasn’t for sale, and who knows what has become of it now that the hospital has been shut down….You can read more about that in this link.

Returned Servicewomen Quilt

Today, I’m sharing with you my one and only second hand find.  This is it, a little handpieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden Hexagon Cot Quilt. I found this little gem at a local thrift store for $10-. I just had to take it home.

I think it came up well after a nice wash!

The fabrics are simple and few.  But the design is still bold and eye-catching. It appears to have a thick polyester wadding so it’s probably from the 1980s.   Just guessing.  The backing is a simple yellow dressmakers gingham which has been brought forward to the front to create the border.  So it’s like a self binding quilt.

The hexagons are 2″ finishing at 1 1/2″. There is only a small amount of hand quilting holding the layers together.  It is hand quilted in the yellow flower centres.

Although it is simple, one can not help but appreciate the hand stitching that is required to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  An enduring and joyful design. I hope you too will find a little joy and inspiration here.

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5 thoughts on “Vintage Flower Garden Cot Quilt”

  1. I just love this blog! It’s reminiscent of a much more gentle and slow paced time and it brings back memories of my grandmother. I’m afraid I mostly machine piece and quilt these days but I truly value all the hand work shown here. Thanks for sharing this with the world!

  2. The first time I saw a picture of grandmothers flower garden quilt I fell in love. It’s the reason I still quilt today. I think I was about 14 when I first saw it in an advertisement. I carried that ad with me for years until I finally found someone to teach me. ❤️

  3. I had a similar one that my grandmother made for me.It would have been in the 50’s. All of the hexagons were hand stitched. That was in Minnesota, USA.
    I so love your tutorials. Thank you. I now live in Arizona, USA

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