Antique Pink Fabric Dye

Antique Pink Fabric Dye

Hello Dear friends and Readers,

If you enjoy a unique fabric experience, something which sets your quilt or fabric apart, then, really, you cannot go past at least considering dying your own fabric.  I must emphasize at this point that the long-term behavior of that fabric is of course, unknown.  Having said that, even quality commercial fabrics will not withstand the gaze of the sun.  Also frequent washing will lead to some recession or fading of dyes over time.  So that is my warning.  Now for the fun.

In the past I must admit, I have been rather taken with the effects of a simple dye like tea dying.  It really does give a beautiful aged look to fabrics.  A slightly muted and dreamy effect which is reminiscent of bygone days.  I certainly have dabbled in tea dying and dying using various fruits to create a different fabric look. Using natural dyes definitely has a beauty of its own.  I love the uniqueness of the created fabric, the mottled and irregular look, which, I think, creates interest in the light differences especially of background fabric.  These are not loud dyes, these are delicate mottled changes to fabric.

So recently when I saw someone using avocado skins to dye fabric, I could not wait to give it a try.  Who would suspect that this medium would create a delicate dreamy antique looking pink.   I am a fan of avocados.  I love the fruit and its nutty, delicate and creamy flavour, and now how wonderful, to save the skins, and, I decided seeds as well, to dye fabric.

Please bear in mind each experience will be unique.  But this is part of the joy!

This is how I do it.


2-3 avocado skins and stones (I used Reed avocados for their large size). Use more if using smaller avocados.
Medium stainless steel saucepan
Approximately 1 Meter (or lesser amount) of light or white homespun or calico
Enough water to barely cover
2 tablespoon cooking salt
2 tablespoons vinegar
Avocado seeds and skins


Clean the avocado skins and seeds of avocado flesh.  Put into the saucepan with the fabric and just barely enough water to cover.

Fabric added to avocado solution

Bring the mixture to a boil and then simmer gently for an hour.  Put a lid on and leave overnight.  In the morning,   Warm up again. Add the salt and vinegar and mix well to disperse. Allow to cool, then rinse the fabric and line dry.  Once the fabric is dry, iron well on the Cotton/Linen setting.

Fabric – the next morning

Here is how the fabric looks after rinsing, drying and ironing.  It’s a delicate dreamy pink, with a slightly mottled appearance.    I’m incorporating into a quilt, which I will share with you soon!

Finished product

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4 thoughts on “Antique Pink Fabric Dye”

  1. Oh wow! I can hardly wait to try dying some cotton! I’ve dyed wool and nylons for my antique style rugs but never thought to try fabric! I can hardly wait! Going to go buy some avacado’s asap!

    Thanks for your blog! I know how much work it is to create posts!
    Bless you!

  2. Surprising result indeed. DH has an avocado tree – I might have a play (tho I’m not a fan of dyeing).

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