About buying the fabric

I was in a quilting fabric shop a few months back. Of course its impossible to go in without buying something. But when I find a fabric I like, the thoughts are, what is this good for?

It could be that I just like it – good enough. Or, would I use it for a backing, a border, binding, background fabric or piecing. I also consider what other fabrics I have and does it fit with something I already have? Then there is always the worry, will I have enough for that portion of the quilt? Im sure, that Im not alone in thinking like that. I suppose that there is always the temptation to overbuy. Lets face it, half a metre too much is way better than half a metre not enough.

Quilting Fabric Stash example

Anyhow getting back to the shop. I was speaking with one of the ladies who worked there, and I asked her about how she resists buying fabric – being there all the time. She said of course she had no shortage of fabric at home and that she was always buying new pieces to take home. I said to her that she must be excited to take it home and start cutting it up. Oh no, she replied I don’t cut it, I can’t bear to cut it up!

So that made me think about the fabric that has already been purchased. There is no point of having fabric to never use – is there? Don’t just keep the cupboards warm. Think of using whats already in your stash. I think its a good idea to have a look at the fabric we have already purchased. For myself I have tried to be more selective about what Im buying in terms of what is missing from my stash.

Think of fabric as your paint palate. I realised my stash is low on light colours, neutrals and reds. Find out whats missing from your stash. At least when you go into a fabric shop you can think about what you might need rather than just random purchases.

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