Scrap Wrap…Get Ready!

Scrap Wrap….Get  Ready!

As a quilter, I am well aware there is often a lot of waste fabric offcuts for the quilts we make!

I know it’s nearly Christmas time but….just in case you need a quick and terribly inexpensive project…..

I know there are many of you out there who have enjoyed my “End of Day” Quilters Basket Tutorial, but I thought it would be good to get down to real basics.  How is it done?

“End of Day” Quilters Basket – Free Tutorial

Firstly, the most important thing is – save your scraps,  Truthfully, you will be amazed at just how much fabric that really is.  Here is an example.  Whenever you buy fabric, more often than not, the edge of the fabric will need to be straightened.  Especially, if you are like me, because I like to pre wash my fabrics… for many reasons…

To Wash or Not to Wash?…This is the Question

When I fold my fabric into quarters ready for cutting it is inevitable that the edges are uneven.  That’s okay.  I just cut off the excess, which often turns ut to be about 1″wide – approximately.  Rather that throwing that fabric out, I store it in a big glass jar on my cutting table.  I am shocked at how quickly that jar can fill up!!

When the jar is full, like now, it’s a sign that I should do something with it.


Seriously, there is at least a couple of metres of material in that jar!

Not to sound  calculating but… in Australia, quilting fabric costs about $22 – a metre.  So….just as an example.  1 metre of fabric  by weight =  approximately 175 grams depending on the fabric.

So the contents of this jar is over 400 g or about 2 ½ metres – or about $55 –  worth of fabric (which might have ended up in the rubbish!)


But…on a more artistic note….isn’t it  soooooo very pretty?  I don’t want to throw it out for that reason.  I know I can make something uniquely beautiful with that fabric. 💖


So before you toss that waste fabric aside…..consider saving it………to make something so practical and beautiful!

In the next post “Wrap It!” I will show how to utilise that fabric!  Keep on sewing!  Click on the link below for the next step.

Wrap It!


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