Road to Tennessee Quilt and Pattern

Road to Tennessee Quilt and Pattern

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

This is my interpretation of this quilt block pattern.  It makes a wonderfully scrappy quilt with an antique appeal.


I’ve set it out in an easy-to-make style using 5″ Charm Squares.  You can purchase pre cut charm squares or  I would recommend to cut them from your stash.  I chose a colour pallete of greens, pinks, reds, blues, tans, browns and black.

Choose from at least 18 medium to dark fabrics.  And another 18 light cream coloured print fabrics.  This gives a great amount of colour variation and distribution.  Of course you can use more if you wish.

All fabrics have been washed and gently pressed before making.  Please read all instructions before commencement.

Finished quilt size approximately 67″.  Finished block size 9 1/2″ square. All seams based on 1/4″.

Requirements for the quilt.

144 medium to dark 5″  Charm Squares from the 18 assorted colours for the centre of the quilt.

288 x 2 1/2″ light coloured squares from the 18 assorted light coloured fabrics for the Snowballed corners.  They can be cross cut from 5″ Charm squares or from 18 x 2 1/2″assorted  strips.

36 x 5″ medium to dark 5″ charm squares from the 20 assorted fabrics for the 1st  border.

36 x 5″ light cream print 5″ charm squares from the 20 assorted light cream print fabrics also for the first border.

1 metre / yard of cream / gold print fabric for the second border.

20 ” of tan fabric for the binding strips.


For each of the 144 assorted medium to dark 5″ Charm squares, snowball two opposite corners of each square.  To snowball the corners choose 2 of the 288 light cream assorted 2 1/2″ squares.  Draw a diagional line on the wrong side of the 2 1/2″ squares or fold diagonally and finger press as a guide.  Place on one corner of the 5″ square.  Sew down the line or just slightly adjacent to the right of the line to allow for flipping.  Flip over and trim the extra corner from the underside.  Repeat to the opposite corner.  I recommended doing a test block first to ensure your snowball blocks are square.


Repeat with the rest of the 5″ squares. Press.  To make the blocks, set four of the snowballed squares together, to make an “O” shape.  Ensure all the seams line up.   Sew together.  Press.  Then when all the blocks are made , assemble in a 6 x 6 configuration, ensuring no same fabrics are touching each other. Press the quilt centre.

For the first border.  Use your favored method to make the light and dark half square triangle units.

Half Square Triangle Units – Fast and Multiple -Tutorial

These should finish at 2″.   Put four of these together with all the darks toward the centre,  so it looks like a square in a square.  Ensure the seams line up.  Press.  This block should now measure 3  1/2″ .  Make 72 of these units.  Sew into two strips of 17 and two strips of 19.  Press the strip sets.   I recommend measuring and pinning well to attach the strip sets.  Sew the two strips of 17 units to two opposite sides of the quilt.

imageThen sew the two sets of 19 units to the other two sides of the quilt.  Press.

For the second border, from the cream gold print fabric cut 3 1/2″ width of fabric strips x 8..  Make a continuous border with these strips around the perimeter of the quilt.  Be sure to measure through the centre of the quilt for correct size and cutting of the strips.  Measure and pin well before sewing on.

Ready for quilting.


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Happy stitching,


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  1. Plunking around tonight, looking for quilt ideas. Wow, I really like this one of yours. Thanks for the inspiration, now another going on my quilt bucket list, to the top of list I might add. Thankfully I’m able to cut from my stash. BTW- All of your projects are lovely.

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