Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern Bordered

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern  Bordered

Continuing on from the previous post;

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern. You can see the link here the Quilt Pattern

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern

I decided to finish this quilt with a simple border.

Finished Quilt size 69 1/2″ x 69 1/2″.

All fabrics are washed and lightly pressed before commencement.

To add the border  cut 88 of 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ squares in the same fabrics used for the quilt. I used 12 different  plaids and checks.

Sew into 4 long Strip Sets.   2 sets should have 21 squares and 2 sets should have 23 squares each.

Here I am chain piecing the strip sets. Make sure there is even distribution of the fabrics. 

Once the strip sets are completed, snip them apart. Add the 2 sets of 21 squares to two opposite sides of the quilt. Make sure that the seams are nesting. Pin in place at each seam junction. Sew the seams. Then add the remainder two sets of 23 squares to the two remaining unbordered sides of the quilt.

Now here is the finished quilt top.

Now for the sandwich and quilting.,,.

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  1. I got my four patch/nine patches finished in blues. Now working on the star in reds. Now it looks like I have more 3 1/2″ blocks to cut for the border. Lots of fun.

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