Periwinkle Blues Quilt

Periwinkle Blues Quilt 

Hello Dear Friends and Readers.  For all you blue lovers out there, you may be interested in this quilt.  A word about blue, in my mind, there has to be some care taken with using blue.  I never want it to be depressing, that is why I opted for using fabrics which are predominantly blue, which is the overall effect, however, there are little touches of pink, red, orange, yellow and green, which make it look more artistic and uplifting, I think.  It also means that they quilt will have movement, as your eyes will naturally move around the blocks.     Recently you may remember I posted these Periwinkle Block Made Easy!  Well, I‘ve been working on them regularly, they have been a nice transportable project, and evening project.

Periwinkle Block Made Easy

Now I am putting these together to make a quilt.

Having a hand work project going is alway nice.  I would sew the machine part and then keep the handsewing for those other times.

While We Wait

For those of you sewing along with me, I have made 36 of these blocks using fabrics which are predominantly blue.  I’ve used at least 60 different types of blues to create the blocks.

Here they are laid out, ready to sew together….and I have placed them randomly, as each block is different.

Today I‘m sewing on a little 201K treadle C1947.

Singer 201K Treadle C1947

It‘s a little beauty!  Here I‘m sewing the last row together.

Here we are, after all the blocks have been sewn together.

Now for the borders.

Periwinkle Blues Quilt Part 2

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Happy sewing!


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