Patchwork Bottle Bag and Pattern

Patchwork Bottle Bag.

I have to say I have never understood society’s  fixation with drinking water from plastic bottles. I’m not a fan of plastic for storage if it can be avoided.

Anyway, purely personal opinion, but seriously, I do question the long term safety of plastics and some of the bottles will say on the side “do not reuse” .

So because I didn’t want my water in plastic, I thought it would be nice to just reuse a glass bottle.   I always have a good supply of glass bottles left from my tomato passata and they are nice bottles.  So of course I needed something pretty and fun to carry it in.  Otherwise there are many nice looking bottles to choose from.

Oh, and another thing, buying bottled water is expensive!  Add some  diced fruit or sliced citrus to your bottle to give the water a fruity tang for very little cost.  See this link to  make your own.

What’s Cooking?…Fruit Water

The nice thing about this bag is that because the pieces are set on point and the fabric is on the bias, it gives the bag a bit of flex.

Incidently, this bag doesn’t have to be just for water, it would be great for gift giving too, with whatever other bottle of your choice!

If you would like to make this bag, here is the pattern.  All seam allowances are based on one quarter inch.

Requirements for one bottle bag

40 x 2 1/2″ scrap floral squares (or scrap theme of your choice)
1 piece of fabric for the lining approximately 10″ x 25″.
Lay out the fabric in a pleasing configuration of 4 x rows of 8 squares and 2 x rows of 4 squares ensuring no two same squares are next to each other.  Sew together.  Use a chain piecing method.   Press so that the seams of each row will alternate.
Line up the 4 rows of 8 squares diagonally offsetting each row by one down.  Sew the rows together starting and finishing one 1/4″ from the end of each seam and back stitching to secure.  Make sure all seams are nesting.  Press.
Use this piece as a templet for the lining.  Place right sides together, pin well.  Cut one from the lining piece.  Remove pins.  Now you have two bag pieces.
Turn the front patchwork section right sides together and offsetting the seam by one square again to match the others, pin the seam longitudinally.  Don’t worry if it seems weird, it will be like a spiral, with a crown at the top.  Repeat with the lining piece.  I’ve placed a pencil on the next image so that you can see the direction of the seam.
Enclose one end of each by sewing two end seams of the “crown” together.
Then open that seam and matching the two centre seams, sew across.  The bag should now have a flat square bottom if you open it.
The two sets of four squares will be the handles.  fold in each side longitudinally to the centre, the fold the whole in half again and stitch down both sides to make two handles.
Turn the bag piece to the right side.  Secure the four handle ends to one each of the four points.  stitch in place.
Patchwork bottle bags tutorial
Slide the liner over the bag, both with right sides together.  Ensure handles are hanging in-between the two layers.  Stitch around three sides of the top a quarter inch from the edge.  Turn to the right side through the remaining opening.  Carefully fold in the seam allowance of the opening to match.  Top stitch all the way around the top to finish.
Patchwork bottle bags
Now use the bag to transport your Fruit Water wherever you are.  Or…fill with a bottle of wine or champagne for gift giving!
Happy days!

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