What’s Cooking?…Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam.  I just can’t tell you my level of enthusiasm for how lucky we are to live in a temperate climate and be the recipients of such wonderful produce.  Apricot trees are one of natures great producers.  They are robust, pretty, grow quickly are disease resistant, heavy bearers and the fruit is delicious.  If an apricot tree is planted, within two to three seasons, it will bear fruit.  Their only drawback is that the fruit probably doesn’t travel well because is is delicate.  But…they are terrific for preservation.   In my mind, home made apricot jam has no rival.  If you live in a  temperate climate and you have the opportunity to grow an apricot tree, do it.  Even if you don’t have an apricot tree in your garden, when apricots are in season, they will be available at the local market.  This is  such a simple recipe and a great way to preserve the fruit for the colder months of the year.  Apricots are not really high in pectin so the jam will be more on the runny side, but adding lemon juice can make it set firmer if that bothers you.  Either way it’s delicious.

Anyhow, this is how I do it.



4 kilograms of washed halved and stoned apricots

3 kilograms sugar


Prepare the apricots.  Put into jam pan or very large saucepan.  Cover with the sugar.  Cover.  Stand overnight.  In the morning, put on the stove and very slowly bring to boiling point.  Boil rapidly for one hour.  Turn off.

Use a pyrex jug to decant into sterile jars.  See post on Cherry Jam for further information on preparing jars and sterilisation.
You will wish you made another batch.  When you open one of these little jars in winter a reminder of summer and sweet and tart will greet you.  Great for toast, pancakes, cakes, piklets and gifts ( if you can bear to part with it).

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