Why We Quilt

Why we Quilt?

Apart from the obvious reasons of warmth, frugality, practicality, sentimentality,  community and accomplishment, why do we quilt?


Delft Blue Chaining Nine Patch and pattern

Sometimes I think we forget….fabric is to a quilter,  what paint is to an artist, and then so much more, because, quilts are steeped in love, comfort, texture, history and artistry.  Instead of worrying about trends and fashions think of fabric as your paint palette.  It’s easy to get caught up in trends and fashions, but what are we really looking at?



I think as quilters we find an artistic outlet of expression.  Through our quilts we express a combination of love and art and endless design possibilities.  It’s a way of expressing how we feel for others in an artistic medium which cannot be expressed with other forms of art.  Although it is a utalitarian and infinitely practical art form, I don’t think that that should in any way diminish its beauty, passion and accomplishment.


Susies Roses Romance Quilt and pattern

What other art is there by the way,  which allows us to not only show and express feelings, but also provides a physical sense of warming, care and comfort which is not present in other art forms.  You can admire art on a wall but you cannot wrap yourself in it .  You cannot take a bronze sculpture  and wrap it around you.  Quilts are an unusual medium of art expression which encompasses not only the beauty of design, colour and mathematics, but the element of comfort, caring and love in an inexplicably therapeutic and unique art form.


Road to Tennessee Quilt and pattern

Bless the quilters who dream of designs in their hearts and minds to feed the body and  souls of the people they love.

Quilting is popular form of art which is expressed on so many levels.

2014-05-04 21.12.42

What do you think?




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  1. Nicely said. And you have featured some very nice quilts to go along with it. I have never thought of myself as an artistic person. I admire art but have no talent in painting or drawing. But I love color and fabric and I have been sewing and quilting the past 2 years after being away from sewing except for practical reasons, for a very long time. But for me, another dimension of quilting is the history behind it, and the connection to the other women who sew and quilt as well. That sense of community and of belonging to a worldwide group who share the same passion is something I think we miss out on in our daily lives. I love that, thanks to the power of the internet, we are able to connect and share in the work done by women all over the world.

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