Charmed Nine Patch and Snowball Recipe

Charmed Nine Patch and Snowball Recipe

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

I really fell in love with the nine patch and snowball design and I decided it would be another great scrappy quilt.  Its so amazing how with just few left overs another wonderful quilt can be made.  I had some patches left over from other quilts and this how I decided to utilise them.  I love to fit different units together.  I like my quilts to be just as friendly to make as they are to look at.

Another thing.  Every quilt is a learning experience.  Especially with scrappy quilts, I think its like getting permission to try something that one might not be game to do with new or “special” fabric.  I think I learned a lot doing this quilt.  Its not perfect, especially the quilting, but, I didn’t undo it because its a reminder to me of what I would and wouldn’t do again.

By the way I always pre wash my fabrics.


Charmed Nine Patch and  Snowball Recipe

If you would like to make a scrappy quilt like this one, here is the recipe.  This quilt uses 40 charms around the outside so you could use one pack for inspiration! Or you could cut your own from your stash like I do.

To make this quilt I used primarily small print florals in medium pink, blues, greens and tans with a little splash of lavender.  I used a white solid background fabric.


You will need approximately 1 1/2 yards / metres of white solid background fabric.

40 of 5″ x  5″ Charm Squares, in medium pink, blue, lavender and tan for the second border.

284 of 2″ x 2″ squares of scrap fabrics in medium pinks, blues, tans and lavender.  Sounds a lot but if you cut up some scraps, you will be amazed how quickly they pile up!

From the White solid  backround fabric cut 5 of 2 1/2″ width of fabric strips for the first border.

128 of 2″ x 2″ white solid background squares for the nine patch blocks.

31 of 5″ x 5″white background squares for the snowball blocks.

Allow about 6 x 2 1/2″ strips of small floral green print for the binding, or about 1/2 yard /metre.


This quilt has 63 blocks laid out in a 7 x 9 configuration.

Make 31 snowball blocks.  From each 5″ white background squares, add 4 matching 2″ squares to each corner to make the snowball units.  I used the stitch and flip method to make these blocks.  Cut away the excess.

Make 32 nine patch blocks  choose 5 matching 2″ x 2″ printed squares plus 4 white 2″x 2″  background squares for each of the 32 blocks.  Press the blocks.


Lay out the blocks in a 7 x 9 block configuration.  Begin and end with a 9 patch block.   Swap them around until you are happy with the layout.   Sew all the blocks together ensuring all seams are matched.  Press well.  Add the first border of 2 1/2″ white strips.

Then add the second border of the forty 5″ coloured charm squares.  Again, lay them out until you are happy with the placement.  Sew the charm squares into rows of 10.  Add a row of 10 to each of the long sides of the quilt.  Be sure to pin well for even placement.  Then add the following two charm squares rows to the top and bottom of the quilt, to finish framing it.


There you have a scrappy quilt top.  Add batting and backing of your choice.  Quilt as desired.

9 thoughts on “Charmed Nine Patch and Snowball Recipe”

  1. In trying to download the pattern, the site took me to a GIF maker program to install, not the pattern. Sadly, it installed a few times before I realized it. I hope it is not some spyware program.

    I wrote out the pattern, and am looking forward to making it for my newest grandbaby.

  2. I LOVE your quilt. Especially the white squares in the nine patch. I have decided to make this pattern for my granddaughters 16th birthday. I have some quilting experience, but buying the right amount of fabrics is always the part I error on, either not buying enough or wayyy too much. 😊 I probably don’t have enough scraps to make a scrappy quilt. I was wondering what you would think would be enough fabric to buy to get the fabric for the nine patches. I am trying to adapt the fabric to make a double size coverlet. Thanks for any thoughts you might have,

    1. Dear Anne, I would think that you will need the equivalent of approximately 2 metres of scrap fabrics to make the nine patches for the size of the quilt you would like to make. That is working on having approximately 600 2” x 2” squares. Cut 2” x 2” squares from your leftover scraps. You might be surprised how quickly they build up! Good luck!

      1. Thank you so much for this. So nice to have friendly people sharing their ideas. Excited to get started on fabric shopping!

  3. Beautiful quilt. I love scraps but was at a loss as how to use them until I found your website! I love the quilt pantry, too. Thank you kindly for sharing…

    1. Go to and search “Welcome Little One” pattern. Scroll to the end and click on “printer friendly version”. Good luck! Olga

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