Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

Hello Dear Friends and Readers, I really love to Free Motion Quilt Daisies on my treadle. Daisies are easy to do as a continuous line quilting.  Small or large, with or without additional design elements like loops or leaves.  What I love about them is their naïvety and charm.

Sashiko is normally done by hand, however, I thought why not take a light thread and free motion onto a solid navy fabric to achieve a Sashiko style on the treadle.

This is a way of taking the most simple supplies to create something beautiful.  What could be more simple than plain fabric and cotton thread?

For more details and instruction on Quilting Daisies click on this  link.

Quilting Daisies

Here is a close up of how they look.  I think its amazing how it can bring a plain fabric to life.  It gives it texture with light and shadow.  Ive never been disappointed using this design.
Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

It doesn’t have to be perfect, although it is an opportunity to try to improve.
Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

Now I would like to emphasize that this is all free motion. No pre marking and  no special machine required.  I’m using a Singer 201k treadle today to do this quilting.
Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

This is how it ended up.
Sashiko Daisies by Treadle Free Motion

I used the navy blue homespun top and bottom with cotton batting in between.  I have got a purpose for this piece.

It measures 32“ x 22“.  That means about 1 yard of homespun prewashed and folded in half lengthwise, with the piece of batting in between.

My plan is to make a bag which I will post shortly if you would like to join me on this project!

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Have a great day!  Happy stitching.

Susie © 2020

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  1. It is hard to believe an old treadle machine can stitch such beauty…breathtaking!! You are so talented! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us.

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