Garden Delights…Klien Garten

Klien Garten

Gardening is good for the soul…….

Klien Garten or Little Garden.  Can you image if you normally live    all your life in a city apartment, what a treat it would be, to spend time in a beautiful and productive garden?   And then be connected by a series of back pathways to many other such beautiful gardens.  And so is the concept of the Klien Gartens in Germany.  People who are fortunate enough go away to spend time in a Klien Garten, have the pleasure of more outdoor living and tending to living things.


There is no doubt this is probably at great odds with what most people think of as a holiday these days.  Generally they expect to be entertained in luxury with lots of options for recreational activities.  But….there is a small trend toward attending a “spa”, which has long been recognised in Germany as a place to go and recuperate and detox from todays complex lifestyles and diets for that matter.


What’s Cooking?…Peaches and Cream

The Klien Gartens are little plots of land which are usually have a small house.  They are like a holiday shack.  Just enough room in the house to have somewhere to sleep, eat and cook, but the main thing is the garden.


The ability to be able to spend time outside tending to a garden, which is a mad display of annuals, perennials and fruit, herbs and vegetables.


Beautifully tended plots where visitors can also wander though the connecting pathways and admire beautiful gardens.


These are not formal gardens but rather more of a cottage style, where the seeds of flowering annuals and perennials can be collected and used for next years display. This is a place where raspberry canes run rampant and fruit trees are in abundance.


Where people can give seeds and cuttings and fruit to their neighbours.


Having a holiday in a Klien Garten can mean, getting some sun and Vitamin D, getting in touch with the earth and soil, and the positive psychological outcomes from being at one with nature.  Eating the produce from ones garden, or from a neighbours, eating and sleeping a simple lifestyle, with simple foods and a reduction of todays lifestyle complexities.


Gardens inspire artistic creation.  Enjoy being in a garden.  Or bring it inside with food, flowers and a quilt of course!


Here is the link to this free quilt pattern.

Susie’s Garden Lap Quilt Free Pattern

4 thoughts on “Garden Delights…Klien Garten”

  1. Thanks Susie, a lovely post.
    I’m just back from Scandinavia and Germany. Because we did quite a lot of train travel we were able to see into people’s yards and community garden plots, especially in Germany.
    Klein gartens are certainly very, very popular although a comment was made that the young ones are less interested in that ‘lifestyle’ and so some of the gartens have been abandoned. How sad.

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