Cane Toad Cutie Bean Bag & Pattern

Cane Toad Cutie Bean Bag & Pattern

Hello Dear Friends and Readers,

The other day when my stepmum Marion and her sister Annette came to visit, naturally we got to talking about quilts and sewing.  Anne mentioned that she was keen to make a bean bag frog with her granddaughter.  I was sure I had a pattern somewhere….

Well after turning the house upside down, I concluded that whatever pattern I had once, I could not find it.

So then there was no option but to start from scratch and draw a new frog.

I made a few attempts.  I finally realised that my frog was a little …ahem…chubby.  I decided my frog looked more like a toad.  Then I did some reading about frogs and toads.  Toads tend to be more nuggety with heavier legs as they are ground animals, whereas the frogs are slimmer and spend most of their time in or near water.

Actually, in Australia, Cane Toads are really considered to be a pest.  They were imported here from Hawaii in the 1930’s in the belief that they would eradicate other pests.  It turned out that they love Australian conditions and seem to be spreading further each year, beyond their initial warm tropical climate.

Believe it on not there are a lot of urban stories about cane toads and how they are killed on the roads.  Some people even find them endering pets! Here is a link to a very entertaining albeit old, Australian documentary about Cane Toads.  If you have never seen it, you have missed out!

So this is what I came up with.  I think he is really rather cute!  Please note that it is not suitable for small children.

Would you like to make one too?  Read on…

Here he is climbing over my basket.

Finished size approximately 8” x 12”

All seams based on 1/4”

Requirements for one Cane Toad Cutie Bean Bag

Print out the pattern below. It is equal to a A4 piece of paper
Two pieces of differing fabric each the size of A4 paper
1/2 kilogram of beans, lentils, rice or wheat
Two buttons approximately 1 inch diameter

Cane Toad Cutie Bean Bag Pattern


Cut out two of the Cane Toad Cutie shapes.  Put them right sides together.  Pin well.  Starting at one side of the crutch, sew all around using a 1/4” seam.  Use a small stitch length.  Leave the crutch open.

Clip around the curves and corners.  Turn to the right side.  Use a chop stick to gently press them out.  Fill with beans lentils, rice or wheat.  Turn in the remaining seam allowance at the crutch.  Hand stitch closed.  Hand sew the two buttons on each side near the top of the head.

What will you do with your Cane Toad Cutie?  Well they can just hang around because they are cute.  You can use them as a hot or cold wheat pack for wherever ails you.  They could be a door stop.  I think they are quite theraputic as a toy to hold because of the beans.   Kind of like worry beads!

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Have a great day!

Susie x

6 thoughts on “Cane Toad Cutie Bean Bag & Pattern”

  1. Hi Susie,
    I absolutely love the can toad beanie bag! It smells lovely! Thank you so much 💗

    Lots of Love,
    Melissa 💗

  2. Cute fabric for your toad. I’ll have to dig my pattern out. I believe mine consisted of four pieces having slightly curved seams down the center of the back and the center of the tummy. Wouldn’t swear to that but that’s what my old brain is remembering. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

  3. Your fabric choice is so perfect for this little cutie! I can hardly wait to make mine! You come up with the best creations to share with all of us. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the pattern. I’ve just watched half the video and will return to see the rest later *croak* haha

    1. Just finished the 2nd half of video – I learnt a lot today about the Cane toad – very informative and ‘tongue in cheek’ humour 🙂

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