Keep On Posting!

Keep On Posting!

Postage Stamp Blocks that is.  I’m still working on these blocks from time to time.  It’s amazing how lovely all these little scraps look together!  One day it will be a quilt.  Some projects are long term, and that’s okay with me.

Today I’m sewing on this lovely old girl from 1902.  Makes a beautiful stitch.  Incidentally, these old machines can really sew.  I’ve sewn through some very thick fabrics on this one, that a modern machine would struggle with.   Maybe you have an old machine you would like to sew with – give it a go!

This is how I got started.

Treadle Tinkering


For anyone who is afraid to try “scrappy”. This is a good place to start.  Really you can’t go wrong.  Put  all the fabrics together for a riot of colour, or if you prefer, you can go with a theme of a colour.  For example, if you like blue, include all the blues you have.  Think about the colour spectrum,  blue can extend to aquas, greens and even grass, or they can go the other way to purples lavenders and violets.  Or you can alternate the colour with neutral or paler background colours for a checkerboard effect.

You can read more in the link on how I make these blocks in the link below.

Postage Stamp Blocks


Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Keep On Posting!”

  1. I love all of your posts Susie . I look forward to them all the time!! I feel as if we are friends even though we have never met. 🤗

  2. Suzie I love your gorgeous blocks and especially love the lovely old lady you are sewing them on.

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