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Quilt Pantry

Quilt Pantry.

Cost for this project = Nil

Often I seem to be quilting my food.  When I say that, I can’t resist adding a bit of a deign flourish to  my dishes, like this zucchini pizza.


But recently it occurred to me that I should not only take ideas from quilting to the kitchen, but, I should take some ideas from the kitchen to my quilting!  Thats when I decided its time to make a quilt pantry.

Quilting is all about being inspired.  If you forget what you have because things are stuffed in bags and put away there is no inspiration.

So I decided, what could be nicer than storing my fabric scraps in glass jars  just as I would with beans, seeds, grains and preserves in my kitchen pantry.


In cooking and quilting there significant steps required in preparation of any dish or quilt project.  Therefore it is nice to have some of that prep work already accomplished and ready for a project.  Just as you may have a starter dough for bread, one can have starter blocks or cuts ready for a quilt.


So I have put mine in jars as a good reminder of what I have already cut and some already sewn too, like 2″ half square triangle blocks, all ready to go into a project.  Another jar is full of fabric string offcuts and another full of scrap triangles.  I’m ready to do a project with those!  And who would have thought that a little jar like that has about a metre and a half of pre cut scrap triangles.  If you are paying $20- per metre for fabric, that’s $30- with of fabric in that jar!!!

Thats a lot of fabric, lots of cutting and loads of inspiration.  So think before you toss your scraps aside.  Turn them into inspiration ready for a project.  Tidy up and enjoy the look of them too.  Make your workspace inspirational.


To make your own Quilt Pantry just recycle some glass jars from your kitchen.  I preference jars with a wide mouth opening.  Organise your fabric scraps into like sizes or shapes.  You can use some glue stick to stick a square or triangle to the outside of the jar as a label reminder.

Once you can see what you have your next project may not be so far away!

Have a great day!



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