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Send a Letter

Send a letter

For the second time today I found myself locked in an institution and unable to get out!!!!  No  I’m not going mad, but, it’s complicated.  I couldn’t find my way out of our new hospital today,  so many corridors, levels and infinite doors that all look the same!

Then, this afternoon, when I visited with my Mum, I suggested to her that we should check the letterbox. We sorted through the mail and found a package for another lady with a similar name. Mum said, just leave it there. I looked at it, and could see it was from a hearing centre.  I thought,  some poor lady has been waiting for her hearing aid  so I said to Mum , I’ll deliver it…….

Life is always an adventure!

Singer 99K 

So I found the address.  I pulled into the car park of a residential care facility. I wondered how I was going to find her?  I found an entry but couldn’t get in. I eventually found an intercom. Someone let me in once I explained the situation.  I wandered in.

There was no one there. The entry was large and airy. A reception desk was unattended. I decided to wander through until eventually I found a kitchen.

Finally I found a nurse who confirmed that the lady was a resident there. That was when I tried to leave but found I was locked in for the second time today!! 😬

As I turned around to find someone to give me the code to get out… I spied this quilt on the wall.

This lovely quilt is hanging in the entry. Although it is simple, and naively hand quilted only around the embroidered blocks and made with thick polyester batting, the messages are timeless and inspiring.

The focus blocks are placed diagonally across the quilt.

I was so pleased to find this quilt!  I was meant to find the owner of the letter, so I could see this quilt and share some inspiration with you all. !  I did eventually get the code and get out!

May you also enjoy and be inspired by these timeless adages. Happy sewing!

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