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Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern 

This delightful quilt is made of two blocks.  The blocks are then alternated with each other so the Stars will be fettered or chained together.

It is definitely a terrific quilt for using scraps. You could use any kind you like.  In this instance, I have used a variety of plaids, on an off white background, for a fresh and I think, happy quilt.

Here is the links to the two blocks I have used.

Friendship Stars Block Tutorial – Fast & Fresh

and the companion block…

Four in Nine Patch Block Tutorial

I am making this quilt in a 7 x 7 configuration, but you can make any size you like.  Therefore, I have made 49 blocks.  25 Star blocks and 24 of Four in Nine patch blocks.

Here’s how they were starting to look…4 more blocks to make…

Now to sew them together!  If you have come to this point in the construction, it is a very simple quilt to put together.  I must say, I will always use pins, to make sure the blocks are nicely nested and all the corners meet correctly.  Just take your time…

Here is my sewing space today  I’ve got my set of blocks all ready to go together.  I’m sewing on a Singer 66 from 1923.  Here is her story…

Make Your Singer Sing (Part 1)

Starting with a Star Block.  I will sew the first column of blocks together in a chain piecing method.  I will not cut them apart.  Rather, I will begin the next column from the top and sew in the same manner.  I will continue in the same way until all the blocks are used, beginning an ending with a star block.

In between I am sewing four patches for these blocks

Antique Four Patch Economy Block Tutorial

Here is how it’s coming along.  I’m sewing down the last column

Now I will rotate the quilt  and sew all the rows together, beginning from the bottom and working across in the same method.  Here it is, I’m sewing the last row…

I like the look of the light shining through the quilt today!

Hope you are inspired to have a starry day or night….

To be continued…

Next Post Fettered Friendship Stars Bordered.  Here is the link to finishing this quilt.

Fettered Friendship Stars Quilt Pattern Bordered

Happy sewing!